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Best 5 places to visit in korea

Hello readers ,🙋‍♂️

IN Korea language Annyeonghaseyo dogja yeoleobun ,

Are you bored🤔?So i am coming with new topic -"5 places to visit in Korea."

•Looking for unique destination ,then why should visit korea.

Simply , A visit to the Korea -mysterious country could be a far more outstanding than one could imagine .. Korea is famous for K-pop,K-drama,ancient temples ,manufacturing Hyundai .There are legion festivals in chosen. .

If You are planning to visit Korea soon , Here are the foremost wonderland cities in Korea that are value visting . Keep scrolling down and Browse on the most effective Korea places to go to .

SEOUL: The dazzling capital city

Seoul, is capital of South Korea (the Republic of Korea). It is settled on the bank of watercourse dyansty River  (Han-gang) ..the cultural, economic, and political centre of Asian country is seoul.

The name itself mean "capital" In korea language.

💫Gyeongbokgung Palace -The most famed palace.This Palace is that the home of king of joseon dyansty in 1395 .

I believed you ought to visit in gyeongbokgung palace if you are a friend of standarad designs .

💫 Bukchon Hanok could be a ancient village wherever you 'll be able to realize craft retailers. ,traditional tea house ,art gallaries. If you wish to expertise culture and tadition ,this is smart town you "ll need to travel .

💥Best Time to go to - From March to could and from geograhic months to nov.

💥Ideal for Nightlife ,shopping ,culture

Best attraction - Changdeokgung palace (with wonderful secret garden),lotte World common.


Busan - One thing for everybody.

Lets be honest one amongest the largest factor to try to do in busan.; second town in Asian Nation when seoul is simply to seem around

This is the second most town that is legendary for international festival. . Busan is additionally.well known for decent spring ,hiking ,beaches.Busan is second largest town and largest port..Busan could be a excelkent spot to ‘soak up’ the country’s jjimjilbangculture. Don’t miss Spa Land, the city’s biggest and most famed spa . A visit to south korea is not completed while not travel in busan..

Best time to go to - September to November

Ideal for -Beaches , Culture , food

Key attraction-Baeomsa

temple ,gwangalli ,Diamond bridge.

The capital of North Korea country- Paradise for hikers

The capital of Democratic Republic people of Korea is capital of North Korea . It is the biggest town in democratic people Korea . Once you enter in this town you will initial notice this places

💥EAST PYONGYANG NO. 1 MIDDLE SCHOOL: one amongst the center school tourist will visit take a tour of facility and faculty of the history and call in on a informal chats with students

💥GRAND PEOPLE’S STUDY HOUSE: Settled within the heart of the captial . This monumental building was completed in 1982 .It is North Korea’s national library. Guest will relish a tour of within ,the grand lobby , reception, reading and school and stop working with balcony that offers a beautiful read of central capital of North Korea .

🏷 Best time to go in PYONGYANG:April -May

💫 Key Attraction : The highest attractions to go in Pyongyang are:

Tower of the Juche

Mansudae Grand Monument

Arch of Triumph. ..

Rungrado 1st of May Day stadium.

First time one hear this name one would possibly suppose that it is the national special occasion however believe it is the name of stadium. This is often biggest sport of the globe. This sports Stadium is employed for all quiet events. Sports Stadium has an unfold across in 20.7 hectares. This Sports stadium is legendary for Arirang comptetion.

🏷famous for : famed athletics events ,fottball matches.

🏷Who played in this stadium : Woman of north korea .

Capacity of Rungrado -114,000.

The Korean Demilitarized zone: trendy History

Amongest famed nation of Asia, The Demilitarized zone is one of the foremost famed place to go in south korea to get a strong understanding of conflicts between South korea and north korea.It is wise to require a guided tour that visit to joint security area (JSA).

🏷Ideal for -Historical website

🏷Key attraction- Freedom park , Dorason station.

Travelling around the world never dissappointed to me because i believed that the "additional travel around the world ,the additional understand the culture of nations ."

The korea trip is incomplete if you not visited these lovely places and not eat famed foods like Kimchi ,Bulgogi .One more factor if you have not got korean beauty product additional your korea trip is incomplete

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