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Best Hill Station In North India


Kufri is a little slope station situated close to Shimla. It is popular for its journeying and climbing trails. Experience looking for explorers crowd Kufri in winters to appreciate skiing and sledding along its snow-covered inclines. Kufri is additionally popular for its inclination stops and excursion spots. Kufri's closeness to the slope station of Shimla makes it a significant spot to visit.


Kufri is situated in the southern piece of the province of Himachal Pradesh, in the northern locale of India. It is roosted at a height of 2,510 m above ocean level among the lower regions of the Himalayas. It is 13 km from Shimla. The climate in Kufri is high. Summers (April-June) are gentle while winters (November-February) are cold. It encounters southwestern rainstorm downpours in July-September. It encounters hefty snowfall in December-January.

Best time to visit

The best an ideal opportunity to visit Kufri is in summers, among April and June. Nonetheless, one may likewise the spot among December and February to appreciate snowfall and skiing.

Tourist Attractions

Kufri is a small slope station. It is popular for its wonderful environs and the cool invigorating air that infests it. In summers, explorers can appreciate the all encompassing perspective on the encompassing verdant valleys and snow-covered pinnacles. There are various excursion spots, climbing and traveling trails in and around Kufri. Voyagers can investigate Kufri and its encompassing zones likewise riding a horse. They can climb through thick backwoods around Kufri to the Mahasu Peak. Different spots to visit in Kufri are the Himalayan Nature Park, which has an assortment of creatures and winged animals discovered distinctly in Himachal Pradesh, and the Indira Tourist Park, which is close to the Himalayan Nature Park and gives all encompassing perspective on the areas around Kufri. In winters, the snow-covered slants of Kufri wake up with skiers and different guests.

Places around Kufri

Shimla, the capital city of the territory of Himachal Pradesh is just 13 km from Kufri. It is a significant objective on the traveler guide of India. The British created Shimla as a significant slope station and the late spring capital of India to escape from the warmth of Delhi. This rambling slope station set among the pleasant Shivalik reach and Shimla slopes has various places of interest and significant sanctuaries, aside from its delightful normal environmental factors. Voyagers visiting Kufri for the most part travel through Shimla. Fagu, which is 6 km from Kufri, is an intriguing cookout spot set among woodlands and plantations.


The region around Shimla including Kufri was once a part of the Kingdom of Nepal. This region remained obscure from the rest of the world until the British 'discovered' it in 1819. The British made Shimla their summer capital in 1864 and it remained so until 1939. As Shimla gained importance, Kufri also began to be recognized as an important place to visit near Shimla.

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