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Big fat wedding Trend


Hello My dear readers ,

Today i express my views on" Big Fat Wedding "

Have you heared big fat wed ding ?

I know you all dont know about big fat wedding

Lets start this topic,

what are big fat wedding?

•°Big fat wedding means that expensive weddings involve significant expenditure.

•°A big fat wedding tend to doing means that a marriage that exceeds the price of a budgeted wedding or the kind we see celebrities and others from affiliate families have . 

Trend of big fat wedding

Today ,there's a trend of destination weddings wherever the whole  programme take on one main theme .I think modern-day marriages became an extension of partying and also the party culture, .The ceremony and the pomp has become more important than the actual wedding.

Why indian wedding is known as big fat wedding?

India is the world’s only country where a marriage goes for almost a week and its extravagant celebration even outshines the biggest annual festivals. For them marriage is one of the most special events of the life and it should be celebrated in a very different yet in different manner.

Some cultures in India spend on an average around Rs.8-10 Crores and also have heard of wedding where the spend has exceeded Rs. 100 Crores .

The most expensive Indian wedding (known to me) has been recorded at Rs. 552 Crores ($84 Million). It was the wedding of the son of Subroto Roy Sahara (Indian Entrepreneur).

what is wrong with big fat weeding:

Nothing is wrong or right about wedding. Big fat indian wedding is just dream of bride or groom. Well if you doing big fat indian wedding you will be talk of the town.

I believed Marriage not made in heaven.People follow in real life increasing expenses. Like inviting celebrity in marriage to increase number of invited

In india ,if bride doesn't wear golden jewellery,she is not turn into bride.

If you have lot of money you can spend on big fat indian wedding. If you want to save money do court marriage or love marriage

If you have dream to be like queen of the day or king of the day. You must try big fat indian wedding.

But if you belong to the Indian Middle Class, think about a few things before you plan your wedding.

♟Who's paying for the wedding?

In most cases I assume it would be the parents. Are you comfortable with the fact that your parents will have to blow up their entire life's saving on a two day function revolving around you?

♟Do you need to borrow money for the wedding?

If you need to borrow money for your wedding, either you shouldn't plan a wedding that huge or wait until you have enough in savings. Borrowing money for anything other than a house is a complete waste.

♟Would it make you happy?

We humans try to do a lot of things in our pursuit of happiness.

 Do you think getting a hundreds of people in one place and making them watch you take the one of the most important steps of your life, while complaining about the food, make you happy? 

In my little time in this world I've learnt that nothing good happens when you have most of your family in one plave

♟Would it matter in 10 years?

It might be your childhood dream to get married like a prince or princess.

Why not just get married in the presence of close freinds and family, who really care about you. In few years when you look back at the photos do you want to see bunch of fat aunties ladden in gold jewelry or do you want to see your loved who were there for you and would always be there

How do You convince Your parents against having a typical "Big fat Indian wedding"?

, There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating that special occasion with everything you’ve got.

But what if we never heared this concept of ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’? What would our marriages look like? Better still, how much money would we save? And most importantly, how’d we use that money

💫Open a fixed deposit account

Fix the money in the bank and secure your future. You are no more a bachelor and your responsibilities just got doubled!

💫Invest in gold

Your secret to a happy wife and a healthy bank account!

😊Retire early

With money saved from a lavish wedding, you can afford to retire early in life! So relax, invest, enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Final Thought :

Think this from a practical point of view. Unless you are a celebrity or politicians relative there is no sense in calling people whom you have never met nor will ever meet just for the sake of illogical customs.

Make your parents realise that in later stage of your lives not even 5% of the crowd will be there when needed. So why bother.

It's Time We Change The Way We Marry And Say Goodbye To The Big Fat Indian Wedding

so ,When choosing a life partner look for piety ,not money

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