By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah


Bloom or Gloom!


Lets bloom,

Even if others gloom.


Lets develop our intellect,

Even if others retrospect.


Opportunities are welcomed by many; when they are ready.

 But, Let’s be the one who is ready already.


Attitude is not derived from  external environment,

But our internal agreement.


No matter what may be the situation,

Enjoy every creation.


 What you make yourself from inside,

Determines most of outside.


Be grateful and great,

 Even if situation is against our fate.


Be ready to fight,

Even if others fright.


Negativity will surround you,

But lets move through.


 Even if pessimism might be the custom,

Lets make optimism our discussion.


In the end of tunnel , let’s see light

Even if others cry over plight.

 If you build positivity inside,

You can destroy negativity outside.

No matter others call you weird or strange,

Believe you are unique, that’s the change .


No matter what others think

Who you are, re-think.


Others will always discourage,

But don’t let it reduce your courage.


Grab what you deserve,

Even if others get on your nerves.


You are the one who determine the destiny,

Why not make it craftily?


Its your story,

Why let others destroy your glory.


Lets follow our path,

Even if others wail over aftermath.


Its your choice to be cheerful,

Even if others feel dreadful.


Lets forget our limits,

And reach our summit.


Go with the flow,

Not with a mind, narrow.


Lets turn on beastmode,

When others are switching off their mode.


Lets learn from adversity,

 When others cry over the opportunity.


Lets express gratitude,

Along with developing fortitude.


Even if glooming might be the trend,

Lets make blooming our intend.

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