By- Urvi Shah
A Bibliophile. Currently on self improvement journey. " Believe. Become."

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Urvi Shah



Breaks are important,

Without them wouldn’t the life become constant.


Breaks maximize our productivity,

And help to reduce complexity.


Breaks helps us to relax,

Before our mind collapse.


Breaks reduce stress,

And make us un-depress.


Breaks make us free,

Won’t you agree?


Breaks help us to evaluate,

as our energy fluctuates.


Breaks beat  fatigue,

Isn’t it a good deed?


Breaks doesn’t mean laziness,

It’s a guide to greatness.


But ensure breaks are not too loooong,

It will make their effect go wrong.


Breaks help in life transfiguration,

And help to eliminate frustration.


Just a few hours a week,

Will take our productivity to it’s peak.


Let’s take a break,

What a twist our tale will take.








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