By- Bishneet kaur

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Bishneet kaur


Bride to be

A girl standing still in front of the mirror,

Not uttering a word silently staring her flawless image.

She wants to cry but doesn't want to ruin her makeup,

As her most awaited day was here.

This was the day when she would for the last time officially call that house and mirror hers.

Just a little time she had with her stuff

her novels and favourite teddies lying on the bed.

It all seems as if she wants to capture images of everything in her eyes forever.

All the memories,

all her chats and dance moves in that room.

She was cherishing all the moments,

The call was made for her to appear as it

was time for her to leave everything behind,

So that her stuff can be turned into someone else room decor in the house.

That was the time when a girl became the bride...

Who was about to go far away from her

home to make a home with someone,

The bride in red Having a mixture of emotions.

Looking stunning went to the hall,

Hiding her tears behind her eyeshadows to fulfil the trend of modern weddings.

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