By- Asees Kohli
If you are too tired to speak, sit next to me for I, too, am fluent in silence.

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Asees Kohli


Butterfly fly away ❤️


Life initially resembles a blank canvas. Most of us start to paint on it with an image in mind. We plan, organise and then take action. But sometimes water gets spilled on our unfinished artwork. That's life right there. Unpredictable, heartbreaking and harsh. But what if the image you painted in your mind is not the real you? If things go your way always, how will you enjoy the adrenaline rush? What if you just let the brush go with the flow? Let the strokes do the talking and see whether they lead you to create a masterpiece? 🌌

If you had met me last year and if you meet me this year, you will find a different me. I've learnt a lot in this one year. How growth is inevitable. How important it is to let go of the hands who don't want to hold you anymore. How every effort you make counts. How important it is to value, love and embrace yourself. I've lived 23 years of my life and I'm grateful for every moment. Every person in my life who is currently present, was in my past and who might be in future. You can be an acquaintance, family member or a friend. Thank you. For helping me become who I am. You are making me grow, laugh, cry and live.❤️

We, humans, are like butterflies🦋 Some are beautiful and so appealing to the eye. But some might not have the pretty shades or some might have a broken wing. Yet they are all butterflies. With a life of their own. And even if your wing is broken and it hurts, it's okay to not be okay. You can still try to fly. Don't give up. Who knows how far you can reach up in the sky? 🌠

Sometimes life is blue. Cold and numb. Sometimes life is red. Passionate and aggressive. Sometimes life is pink. Laughter and warmth. Sometimes life is grey. Gloomy and uncertain. But sometimes life is white. So that you can choose the colour yourself to paint . It's on you now. Which colour will you choose? 😉

#Cheerstoturning23 #selfmusing💫

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