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Calling VS Texting


In today's world, we all like to get connected with our family and friends. But the first thing which comes in our mind is that how we get connected with all those who live far away from us.

The most common medium for being in touch with our loved ones are:

  • Calling
  • Texting

Now the major question arises, what should we prefer calling or texting ???

According to me, the preference depends on the person with whom we want to communicate. If we knew him perfectly and we feel free to talk with then calling is the best because by calling, we get the instant feedback or response from the receiver. Calling clarifies the idea or reason more clearly to the receiver. Calling assures us that the message is conveyed to the right person. In calling, the feedback or the response is reliable as the receiver is completely concentrating and indulged in the communication. By calling, we are unable to express our feelings and expressions. Calling doesn't depend on the literacy of the person.

Texting is given preference when we don't feel comfortable or confident while communicating with another person. Texting is suitable when wanted the receiver to firstly think deep about the communication and then comes to some conclusion or give us a response about it. In Texting, we are not sure that whether it is read by the receiver or it just opened by any other person. Texting is only possible when both the receiver and the sender are literate. By texting, we show our expression by the use of emojis. By texting, the message can be communicated to unlimited persons at one time by one single click.

Thus, The choice between Calling and texting totally depends upon the situation.

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