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Ranisha Agrawal


Can knowledge and creativity go hand in hand ? -A business mindset


“A good design is partially creativity and innovation,but primarily knowledge and awareness”

A creative person is one that is relatively easy, lightweight in inventing new and original ideas, can inspire other people, objects or situations, and can inspire others.

Since people for each other are the stimulus to work alongside creativity, they also go: teamwork and communication skills.

According to this principle, for example, the famous method of searching for solutions is a brainstorming  where not only people but also their selection are important.

  • We find out various alternatives to achieve our goal , then we weigh the pros and cons i.e the positives vs negatives of every situation.
  • Then selecting the alternative with the least number of negatives and the highest number of positives is a whole task.
  • This is how a creative mind functions from the starting to the end .
  • Planning,thinking , brainstorming , arranging and then implementing the whole action plan is what makes a creative mind realize its potential to the fullest.

Important things to keep in mind are:

1. Criticism is forbidden. No proposal can be judged until all are presented.

 2. It is easier to reject ideas than to invent them. One should always keep  every  idea on the table.

3. Speak as many ideas as you can. It counts quality, not quality.

 4. Capture the ideology of others .Develop and rewrite them


“Learning gives creativity,Creativity leads to thinking.

Thinking provides knowledge,Knowledge makes you great”

Knowledge management in the new economy creates opportunities for the organization to succeed. Organizations should base their activities on knowledge and maximize the available intangible resources. 

Knowledge is restricted to rules , regulations,laws,set of principles while when knowledge is applied for inventions ,new designs it leads to creativity.

A creative mind which is comfortable to entertain new ideas,indulge in new perspectives , analysing different points of views  requires  knowledge to implement a plan.

For example - if a person has immense knowledge about physics,then through practical experiments new methods can  come with creativity .

Thus knowledge and creativity go hand in hand.


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