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Shaurya Vardhan


Can video gaming help solve world problems?


There is a fact so much applicable on the current generation that an electronic device can lure you more than anything , to be specific, in case of mobiles and computers. Even if you know from the inside, there is a fake world or just an electronic world but in those few moments you are seeing something that you have never seen before. It gives us a different kind of experience away from ordinary life.

Your parents have probably complained and worried about the hours that you were wasting tackling the challenges of an electronic fantasy world. ....Yes you guessed that right its a Video game that we are talking about. But do you know that it can prove beneficial for you and to this world to some extent .

As everyone is aware of the fact that games helps us in developing many skills such Vision , motor skills , motion skills , managing challenging tasks, balancing and controlling.These skills can contribute in solving world problems to some extent.

Scientists are still doing a lot of research on Artificial intelligence and infact they try to save expenditure on innovations such as AI robot Drones , AI robot cars , and AI based weapons for military in order to improve efficiency in every task .According to some experts and researches video games can train Artificial intelligence in such things and also it saves time and money.

Games can also help in giving idea in further research to space scientists , because there are lot of possibilities, multiple possibile acts in a single game. Similarly mechanical engineers and scientists in physics can also take good ideas from frictional world . Mechanical engineers can make those machines that are very much efficient and fantastic but they are not present in real world . Scientists in physics can make new laws in physics, such as walking on ceiling wall against gravity as shown in video games.

Some researches also show that the people who play video games and complete fictional challenges by the time they develop problem solving and management skills , it proves that games consumes lot of human mind power , so this energy can be used for the benefit of the world by giving them important challenging tasks in real life such as army standing strategy , attacking strategies , public marketing skills and many more.

A nation can make itself strong , and economically stronger by producing large numbers of video game developers , experts in web designing , for example , China , USA , Russia , Korea made themselve powerful in Information technology sector because they sell what they imagine.

Video Games can improve Gymming methods plus Gym's image .VR is such a device that fills the gap between fake world and real world to some extent. So with the help of VR and other tools and Gym teacher can teach its students exercises in an innovative manner. Similarly disabled soliders can be motivated with the help of these devices. Development in the field of sports like targeting and shooting.And so on .

Its true that video game's addiction is not good , there are many noticable side effects of it , so stay normal and fix your hours of playing a video game.

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