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Cell phones… the new genie…

"Cell Phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world

says Carrie Underwood, singer and song-writer.


In our busy lives, one cannot live without cell phones. From daybreak to midnight one uses these tools for every minimum purpose to maximum purposes. Earlier cell phones were used to get in touch with your loved ones, friends etc who are staying at the distant place. But as the technology advances cell phones changes into a smart and evil tool. Nowadays one spent their routine time on phones…. From cooking to chatting to booking the cabs. Even the language of human beings changes to emojis due to its peculiar form and its applications.


A new dimensional language is evolved into emojis and abbreviations. It now becomes the truth that smart is the greatest teacher on the earth which teaches you many things whether it is good or bad!!!. Cell phones bring you closer to the person far from you but take you away from the person sitting next to you. We were losing the love and affections from our parents and elderly people and improving our affection and love on cell phones. You are so glued to your cell phones which mesmerizes you with its creative and smart features but in turn, you are trapped by its evil usage!!!. Due to the emergence of smart phones and wide use of it results in major health disorders and psychological disorders such as obesity, cancers, stress, sight and hearing problems, depression of immune system, depression without cell phones!!!!. 


Many accidents occur due to careless use of mobiles by the users which sometimes leads you to death. Medical researches and scientists from all over the world proved that cell phones cause major health risks due to their radiations. It majorly affects the psychological health of all of us. Recently, due to digitalization, the risks of these health disorders are at the high peaks causing more problems among the human race. The younger generation is more vulnerable to these risks. It can be true to estimate that these smart tools can dominate the human race with its ever-changing features!!!. One can finally state that people are prisoners to their phones that is why it is called “cell phones”. So one can overcome this problem by reducing the usage of these smartphones and to spend more time with your loved ones.

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