By- Nabera Thareem
Hey dearies! Greeting of peace! I am a passionate lover of words! You saw it right! It's words. I believe in 'Words heals, Words harm!' I am crazy about reading and crazier about writing! Chums! Buckle up! It's gonna be a thrilling ride!

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Nabera Thareem


Change your days just with a smile!

Stand in front of the mirror and gaze at your smile, and believe me! You will lose yourself to the beauty of your own smile!

Whatever the situation is, my lips remember to curve into a smile. A smile may not put an end to all my tedious hurdles, but It fills my soul with an eccentric feel of optimism. It produces a sudden sense of electric energy, and I repeat, "I can do this," "This grim moment also shall pass, " and Yes! There is no doubt! Days revolve, things alter, time fleets and the impediments that made your life harder is now your wings to reach your goal. 

I was unaware of the power a smile holds within until I attended a training session. The enthusiastic trainer asked us, "What is an emotion that isn't visible in animals.? " The class became curious and started discussing vibrantly among themselves. Sadness, sympathy, anger, fear, happiness, and even laughter is present in animals. We gave up and asked the trainer to tell us the answer. He answered with a polite smile, "Smile," and the class fell speechless for a moment. Then I realized, the smile is tailor-made by Almighty as a gift for humankind to feel the pleasure, to express the joy, and also to succor fellow companions. Yes! Your one genuine little smile can enliven someone's energy to face the world. 

Smile is a description of How you see the world. It provides a chance to meet and greet the universe. I may not know people by their names, but I can recognize them by their winning smiles. It sows a seed for harmony and friendliness. 


I believe a flash of a smile can change the perspective of who you are! 

A pretty smile of yours can change the life of people around you. A bright morning smile can make your family merry, a polite smile to your teachers can energize them, a genuine smile to your friends can make them go crazy and Yes! A pleasant smile to strangers can make them happy and you will never forget the feeling  you had when an unknown smiled genuinely at you. 

Smiling is the way to create new friends, novel ideas and unforgettable memories. I still remember people who had smiled genuinely at me decades ago. Internet is full of smile quotes, smiley faces, smiling babies and what not? But, your smile can enhance you more than the people's smile!

Believe me, a smile can open countless doors of love and a single smile of your can alter the hurricane of sadness within you. Can your mind ever forget your mother’s and father’s ingenious smile? Or Can your brain slip your sibling’s mischievous smile? Or Can you forget your chum’s crazy smile? Or Will you able to forget your grandparents' loving smile?  Nah! Never, right? Yes, Surprise them today with one of your beautiful smiles and enjoy the moment when they smile back more beautifully. 

Challenge me! Try it out today. Show your smiley face to someone and feel the brand new sense inside you, a content feeling of peace will engulf your soul. It will make you forget the endless tensions you have for at least a second.  

I am in love with this emotion called ‘smile.’ What about you?

Do you believe in your smile? Smile with your eyes! Make every feature of your body smile hard!

Is your smile positive enough to change the world?

I believe in your smile! 

May you smile today and always!

Here, I am writing this with a smile. Don't forget to share your lovely smile with me.

Flash your winning smile to change the world around you!

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