By- Ranisha Agrawal
You feel it You write it ✨

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Ranisha Agrawal


Chaos makes the muse


Hundreds of thoughts flashing in our subtle minds,

Good and evil voices struggling behind.

The playback of emotions, the soundtrack of fear

Yell’s at us ,to take our lives on fifth gear.

When everything started making sense,

A murky path made it too dense .

An instinct unable to differ between black  and white,

Drags me onto boarding a crashing flight.

I wanted to crack the mysteries of my mind open,

Getting answers instead landed up raising more questions.

The More curious I become , the more stuck I got

Simplicity seems a way ahead ,to escape  the net

Well versed to treat people with kindness,

Learned slowly to beat my shyness .

Going through phases like seasons ,

Learned to live life for more deserving reasons .

Mind takes you through a beautiful trip ,

A dangerous, but a worthy dip.

A dent- free road is always  normal.

Why not try something exciting and abnormal?

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