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Hello everyone! In this article, we will be learning what is classic literature and what is its importance. Classics are great works of literature throughout the ages."Classic literature" is a term most readers are probably familiar with. The term covers a much wider array of works than classical literature. Older books that retain their popularity are almost considered to be among the classics. Its not just age that makes the book classic. Books that have a timeless quality are considered in this category. Classic literature is an expression of life, truth and beauty. It must be of high artistic quality, at least for the time in which it was written.

"Literature is Art": How do you define art? Take a few seconds and think about this. Is art something that is painted and then hung in a museum? What about literature? Is this something that comes to mind? Literature is art! Art can be defined as the communication between an artist and the audience. When an author writes, he takes words to create a story to communicate to us. Through this story, we are able to create a pictures of characters, visit new places and find meaning in what could be seen as simple events. An author's writing style is his platform for sharing art. It is important to see how literature is art by itself, but also as a form of art that connects to other types of art. It can be seen in music, photography and painting. These arts influence each other.

What makes the work of art or literature a 'classic'? I don't think that there is an authoritative answer to this question, because the list of classics varies from time to time, from place to place and from person to person. Why are classics so hard to read? The reason we find classics to digest is that we lack context. None of us were alive when Shakespeare was writing 'Hamlet', and we cartainly were not alive when 'Plato' was writing Republic.... The more we read, the more knowledge we have. The more educated we are. The more empowered we feel. Why classic literature is important? Classic literature has been a part of our lives and communities for many generations.

Almost everyone does agree that classic literature has a place in the present as well as in the future. The reason for this is that classics speaks about issues that "everyone has to deal with". The real themes that are addressed in the book are universal. Anything that is truly classic, no matter when it was written, is going to have those universal themes. "They are going to deal with things like what it means to be human, what love it, different things around how we interact, how we treat each other and I think that all of those things are really important".

Classic literature is important because it opens up a perspective to different worlds and historical perspectives. I also gain more knowledge when I read classic literature because many stories are based on history. Studying history suddenly becomes exciting when I look at the past through the vibrant characters in these stories. To be honest, I prefer historical fiction best because seeing all the characters battle against terrible circumstances is very motivating. Knowing that there are people in worse situations help me to be more positive in my everyday life. Reading classic literature teaches us life lessons through human history.

These books are like a mirror through which we can see the lives of others. We can make ourselves better by comparing their good deeds and bad points. We can essentially shape our personality and inner self through classic literature. Classic literature is important today, not only because it shows us where we came from, but also because it looks toward where we might go. At last I want to say that "Reading in general is very important".

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