By- Gopal Singh

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Gopal Singh


Common man- A silent struggle of living


We all have been living a simple common person life everyday.

Everyone have a struggle and also an aim to achieve but for a common man it's a struggle of living.

Struggle for living, for food,for shelter.

A common man has to weigh himself so that so had he can take up all the responsibility of his family. Everyone has something inside them that makes them motivate whether a good one or a bad one.

The one motivates himself to become powerful and stand in the society and the other with a perception with bad memories motivates him to have a future he wants.

A common man has a silent struggle of living,living for his family. Knowing what the conditions are, financially and emotionally,he holds all silently and worked to earn for his family.

Under the hot sun he went to work,

Eat cheap meals and make his children eat good.

It's the time for him to make a better tomorrow for his children, to make them go in a good school for good learning and learn good habits.

What do you think are the struggles of common man's life?

Many of us know what they are and everyone has some struggle in aview and it is not necessary to let them hold, work on them and become a strong common man in the society.

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