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Urvi Shah


Common Man : A Silent Warrior

Unsung Heroes

First a fall the question arises who is common man? Common man is ordinary person who is neither rich nor poor. Common man tries to meet the ends and lead a comfortable life but obstacles present to prevent him from achieving goal are -inflation, rise in tax rates, interest on loans have risen enormously too. He has nothing to save nothing to spend as most income is spent covering bills and other necessities there’s no money left comforts or luxuries. All parents have dream to get their children educated through prestigious institutions. But, the cost of education has been rising day by day, the professional studies cost for 1 year is estimated to be minimum Rs.1,00,000. How can common man fulfil the dream to educate their children well? The sad truth is common man can’t dream, its true. A common man can’t dream to follow his passion, or have ambitious goals. Just because of pressure to take care of family, the only aim is to get a decent job which can help to lead a comfortable life. Common man doesn’t get subsidies but needs to pay high taxes, amongst the struggle of being rich and poor, the common man carries the burden of economy on his shoulders. Common man doesn’t lives but survives, fighting against inflation, corruption, basic needs. The common man fight every day and has been surviving. This proves the theory of Charles Darwin- The survival of fittest. This theory means that the organism which are best adjusted to environment are the ones who successfully survive. Change is inevitable, and common man’s default mode is adjusting, and hence they are fittest to survive in the environment. The rise in price of petrol and other essentials like vegetables and fruits affect common man largely because it affects their budget. Even government policies don’t help common man much, common man is brought into consideration only during the times of elections. The system has indirectly turned to system prevailing before the French Revolution in France. France earlier had 3 classes- First estate( church authorities),Second Estate (rich), Third Estate( commoners). The taxes were to be paid only by the third estate i.e. commoners. They earned a little amount of money through daily wages and more than half was paid as taxes. Similarly, the load for paying taxes mostly rests on common man in India, with little PDI left, they save less, they spend less and live a life full of adjustments. PDI refers to Personal Disposable Income, income available to spend by a person ( income left after paying all taxes).

Common plays role of salt in economy. Many a time his role remains unrecognised and un-highlighted but its absence can create a great havoc. Common man works tirelessly with aim to become rich and fear of becoming poor. Common man even sacrifice his comforts for children in order manage money. He doesn’t care about his old shoes but is ready to buy new for his children. The sacrifices are endless. They forget their dreams and ambitions and their only goal is to fulfil their children’s wishes and desires along with giving wings to their dreams. The most difficult part for a common man is one needs to see price tag before buying anything, many desires and wishes remain unfulfilled by just a price tag. Common man needs to think 100 times before doing any investment or buying something. End of the month is torturing for them as it includes payment of rent, electricity bills and other things. Common man tries to donate and help as much as he can to poor, there’s always a gentle and caring heart in every common man with a will to contribute to society and help in development. The best thing about a common man is family time, the family cares for each other and is ready to sacrifice for others happiness. Common man is a person with a great courage, who has will to wake up every day and face challenges. They never give up because they know value of every resource. In some scary situations he is faltered- like lockdown in COVID-19 situation. There was no way by which common man could earn, not everyone has work from home. They struggled reducing expenses, doing all jobs they could do in order to keep the work going. No matter whatever happens they rise again with hope and believe the show must go on. In all, common man is a great inspiration for all of us. A person who can’t be identified by looks but by characteristics. Poor get free stuff, Rich don’t need anything, it’s the common man who suffers. The inspiration we get from common man is NEVER GIVE UP. The vicious cycle of financial constraints and struggle make them strong and they are the one with greatest wisdom. Their dreams might me limited but their will power and virtues are unlimited . Common man is a truly a silent warriors fighting between financial constraints and dreams.

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