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Sumit Raj Jha


Comparison of Democracy in India and China


Hi in this article I am going to discuss about democracy in India and China.

First of all let's see what is democracy?

DEMOCRACY- It is a form of government in which the people have the right to choose their governing leaders. People has right to freedom, right to liberty, right to sovereignty, freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion, right to vote. And there is Opposition so that they can be representative of public and speak to government on their behalf and they have equal right in making any decision.

There are 2 types of Democracy as follows:-

  1. Direct Democracy- In this type of democracy, people directly deliberate and decide on legislation.
  2. Representative Democracy- In this type of democracy, leaders gets elected on behalf of people and it is also known as "Indirect Democracy" as it is completely opposite of Direct Democracy.

Now let's compare Democracy in India and China:

  • Political Parties: We all know that India is the largest democracy in the world. In India there are a lot of political parties. Out of which 2 are major "BJP" and "INC". And also many small parties especially in state government election which plays major role. Also, India has the largest electorate in the world. While, in China they have a single party system which is loosely based on communism

  • Elections: In elections in India, People gets many options as there are many political parties in elections so people can easily choose their representative. While in China, there is a single party so there is no such a option for people and that leader will be elected till he is alive and after that his family member only will be elected.

  • Decision Making: India’s vast democracy at times of making any decision plays a crucial role. While in China, Communist Party of China is the only main thing in decision making . They can not be opposed by anyone as there is opposition but just for name. It is not a democracy. But, due to this they are able to make decision fast.

  • Opposition Parties: In India, Opposition sometimes is a hurdle in development they just criticize the ruling party even if ruling party is doing great job, due to their politics which costs India in matters of development. While in China, there is opposition party but they follows Communist Party of China's policies, so there is no hurdle in decision making and that's why they are more developed than India.

CONCLUSION: In India people have right to chose their leader but in China there is no right. But, due to single party system China is more developed than India in terms of technology, Economy, etc. and decision making in China is more faster than India. In 1970's India and China were at same level of economy and now, China's economy is 4 times more than that of India.

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