By- Divyanshi Jha

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Divyanshi Jha


Comparison: Self abuse of the highest order

Melancholy, failure and anxiety are the by products of comparison. It's a stage of comparing our weaknesses with someone else's strengths. It shuts the door of endless opportunities. Even if we don't want to compare ourselves with others we do it, subconsciously. And so, now it's a part of our daily routine. We undesirably start comparing ourselves to everyone we meet and thus develop, the feelings of discouragement and hatred towards our own self. Comparison is self abuse of the highest order.

Let's start from here. Have you ever heard the statement, that the oak tree is more extravagant than the bamboo tree and the bamboo tree is more beautiful than the oak tree. Do you think that oak tree wishes to be as hollow and tall as bamboo tree and the bamboo tree is envious of the oak tree being capable of changing the colours of it's leaves? Do you think if both the trees kept on comparing with each other, will they ever recognise their own capabilities and uniqueness? Will they ever fulfill with their true potential and existence?

Even the idea of comparing them arouses disapproval and disgust within us, but we as humans couldn't get rid of this habit from us.

Lets face it, there is always someone going to be more talented, more beautiful, much more insightful and different than you. That doesn't make you any less from them. You just have to stop looking onto their strengths and start looking onto yours. The way to find out who we actually are isn't by comparing ourselves with others but by looking within ourselves and analysing whether we are fulfilling our true potential or not. To align with our true selves and soul purpose we need to embrace our uniqueness and potential.

I myself was a victim of comparison, to such a degree that I started comparing myself with everyone I met and in that process I overlooked my capabilities. I will share what I discovered. The only way to develop and grab success is to look within and not to look outside. You are the gift, God has given you. He never creates lack. It's just than maybe you aren't sunflower, but you are a beautiful rose and there's absolutely no comparison between them. And to overcome jealousy, appreciation is the best remedy. And to appreciate, you must acknowledge to accept the fact that all flowers in the garden are different and yet they choose to bloom.

Appreciate the girl you just met who got amazing moves. Appreciate the beautiful girl you just met. Appreciate the tall guy who is your friend. Appreciate your colleague who is way more smarter than you. Accept that their beauty is in letting them, to be them and your beauty is in being your kind of unique. Mere acceptance to this fact can change your perspective towards yourselves.

Wake up every morning, explore a beautiful talent you have, find a beautiful habit you have, find that amazing uniqueness within you and adore it. Think of various ways you can use it to fulfill your true potential in the best way you know.

Let your mind and soul be the beauty of your self and not the hatred of others.

“Stay in your lane. Comparison kills creativity and joy.” Brene Brown

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