By- Divya Singh
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Divya Singh


Day to Night routine that can change your life

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

Having been subsumed in professional and personal life, we catch ourselves low on energy and often fall sick mentally and physically. Although both these aspects of life are equally important, one should not let go off the most important factor of our existence – lifestyle and health. To deliver our best potential and thrive for a better outcome, we definitely need to adopt certain changes in our lifestyle to make it worthwhile. Here are a few ways that can help you effectively carry on your day with high energy output.

· Every morning, try to get up early so that you can extract time for your fitness needs.

· Going for a jog or simply taking a walk in the garden, doing a simple Pranayam can charge you up for the day.

· You can start your day by having a glass of containing soaked dry grapes overnight. Dry grapes (munakka) is highly rich in calcium, iron and zinc. This helps you to stay energized for a long tiring day.

· Avoid eating food that takes a long time for digestion, like pizza and burger, etc. due to its longer digestive needs, it makes us feel lazy and unmotivated. Food plays an important role in keeping you full of energy.

· Making time for meditation, even for five minutes can bring positive changes in life.

· Making a to-do-list can help you save time and simultaneously help you focus on the important aspects of the day.

It is equally important to spend time with family and friends as it helps you to regain energy and makes you internally happy. If you’re into a bad habit of smoking and drinking, its best to get rid off this as its only a gratification for a very small portion of time but is equally fatal to the mental and physical welfare of a being.