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Deadly obstructions between you and your happiness


Deadly obstructions between you and your happiness

"Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness."

A smile of yours can make anyone's day. It can cheer up somebody, also it can help you to have a good start to your day and it's not too hard to smile. Just pull the ends of your lips up and you are good to go. 

But it may not be as simple as it sounds. Many people are there who face anxiety issues, take anti-depressant pills, consultations with a Psychiatrist, etc. Ever wondered, why this is so? This is because people have forgotten to enjoy the happy moments of their life. They don't know how to handle pressures. So carrying a smile throughout the day is a little bit unusual for them.

Here I list some of the obstructions that come between you and your happiness.

  • When you plan OUTCOMES and not the journey

How many times has it occurred that you planned for any audition or an interview and kept thinking about the results, rather than thinking about the process, preparations, and the practice? This is when we all make a major mistake. 

We tend to panic when the outcome is not what we expected because we thought about the result and didn't enjoy the journey.

So try to enjoy every bit of your journey of life. This will make you happier.

  • Comparison with others

Do not compare yourself with others. We all want to be others' favorite and in this contest, we lose our individuality. So it is not important to have something better than others, what's crucial is to be the best version of yourself.

Stop comparing and start living.

  • Pessimistic approach

'I won't do paragliding because I can suffer from an accident.'

It is wrong to neglect opportunities. Don't always say NO to a chance, the reason being, this won't come afterward.

Remember, happiness lies in experiences rather than in results.

So try to grab and take full enjoyment of every opportunity.

  • Failures

When we lose something, we gain another one. Like if you didn't get selected for the dance society of your college, you might get extra time to devote to studies and good internships, which you could have invested in the dance practice. So never lose hope if you didn't get what you wanted. Failures are meant to open another road unexplored. Try and give yourself another chance. 

  • Toxic relationship and company 

'A bad apple if kept with 9 good apples can spoil the whole group'

This applies to us too. If you stay with a set of people who are pessimistic and are not bothered about life and it will make you more sad day by day. Try to keep good company and optimism as your belief in life.

So that were all the points which are the various ways by how you are creating a hurdle between you and your happiness.

I hope you like this article.

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