By- Ekjot Kaur
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Ekjot Kaur


Dear Dad

It is said that fathers are the first love of a daughter and the best friend for a son. They provide a strong shoulder for the whole family and are rarely applauded for their job. We always praise our mothers, for they have carried us inside their wombs for 9 months and have gone through the torture and pain that is associated with childbirth. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that while our mothers are an epitome of resilience, our fathers are no less. They stand by their spouses to help them with anything and everything. They have rushed from office to home to take care of their wives, they have satisfied the cravings our mothers might have even in the middle of the night, they have cried when our mothers were in pain, they have gone through the feeling of helplessness when they knew they could not do anything but offer a mere shoulder to cry on and they have felt unimaginable joy when they saw the ultrasound photos of their child.

Our fathers have always tried to lighten the load on the family. You would never know what they have been going through because they never reveal it to anyone. They prefer to suffer in silence and offer solace to us even when they are themselves in a perilous situation. That is their language of love. When we talk about fathers, we usually say that they do not help around in the house but I can refute that statement. I have seen my father help out my mother with the chores in the house. He has a deep passion for cooking and takes it on himself to feed us delicious dishes. When the lockdown was initiated and the house help was sent away, my father divided the chores so that my mother did not have to deal with a lot of stress. Like mine, I am sure, many fathers believe that household chores are not a woman’s job and are trying to eliminate the old and impractical customs which tell us that women are subordinate to men.

I have always been inspired by my father. I have seen my father work hard every day to provide for my family and his dedication towards work has always motivated me. In many occasions, he has put my needs before his and that kind of debt is something none of us can ever repay. Every child takes up after their dad in one way or another. There are a lot of qualities children imbibe from their parents and it is a huge responsibility for the parents to teach good values to the kids. Fathers master the skill of being a role model to their child as one needs to practise what they preach. These values and skills that they teach us at a young age, help in the overall development of a child in later times and are hence, necessary.

They provide us with a good life by sacrificing their own pleasures. They rarely indulge in their own pleasures and do their best to fulfil our whims and fantasies. Fathers would go to any length to protect their children. From the Grinch to actual problems, they shield us from the world as long as possible because they do not want to see us get hurt. This protective nature is commonly mistaken as being of a strict nature when, in reality, they just want to become our knight in shining armour and guard us against evil. Fathers shape our future in many ways. They help us realise our goals and aspirations. Their advice comes handy when we try to choose the right career for us. They are our biggest cheerleaders and are always on the front seat when we have an important event, be it football finals or national poetry slam. Their support gives us a feeling of satisfaction and we know that whatever may come, we have someone to rely on.

The sacrifice that our fathers have made for us often goes unnoticed for we are too busy with our own lives. In today's time, we are living in a generation which never stops or sleeps. Our work schedule is filled with responsibilities and we forget the biggest responsibility of them all that is spending time with our parents. People have started sending away their fathers to old age homes because they are unavailable to take care of their needs. What these people fail to grasp is that when they were an infant, their fathers worked double hard to provide for the family and also to raise them. They forget the sacrifices and the love that made them who they are. In this sense, fathers are our unsung heroes and we have taken them for granted. They deserve a truck full of love and we don’t even give them a bucket full of love.

So dear readers, let us take this opportunity today and spend time with our fathers. Let us give them proper love, care and respect and let us thank them for all that they have been doing for us.

Dear Dad, Thank You.


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