By- Harsh sharma
Unapologetically Imperfect

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Harsh sharma




What is death to you?

Some dazzling mornings, some cool winds and some fluttering trees, chirping birds and warmth of sun; that’s how we could perfectly imagine our ideal day in life. But what about death? Do we know that we are living and we just don’t have to survive but enjoy the passing moments we waste being anxious about the future? All our life we work, we hustle and we fight. We overpower people, we outgrow ourselves and we dominate the competitors in order to survive.

Since the dawn of modernization our race has been finding it difficult to find tranquillity which we are supposed to absorb throughout our whole tenure on earth, as we are reiterating work everyday and again. Alienization of mediocre individuals is not a benevolent scenario we all face, neither it is aesthetic. Continuously we are cutting ourselves off from the society, and we have found mediums to escape the reality. We use social media, get jealous from people and a part of our heart partly hate it, hate everything we have because we don’t have enough. So, we hustle, again, to prove to be rich and privileged, to find comfort in being ourselves.

After the world wars, the era turned to be evolutionistic. But we are so indulged in our lifestyle we don’t appreciate the alluring beauty of nearly everything that is not on our social media or isn’t trending right now. The ignorance is not the problem, it never was, but the social conditions we are putting ourselves in are vandalizing our wiring of neural sequences tending people to attain more phobias and anxiety disorders.

Death is not about how you die, but how you lived.

The smiles you wear, the flowers you adore and the warmth of sun you absorb everyday is the real currency we all should chase.

Fear. Yes, death is frightening, it gives us an eerie but why? Because probably we know we will die with dreams and not with memories, because we hesitate and try to fit in the society. We bound ourselves to the cages we create in our own heads and we try to escape it, defy from accepting the reality as we know it because we think it is like being weak and insignificant. Well, it is indeed insignificant but not weak.

People know they are wasting time, I also sometimes like to do things that I know are not productive, but that is the problem, I always want to be productive rather being joyous.

Think like this, you will probably live 60 years throughout your whole life. One year consists of 365 days, and by that 60 years will be 21,900 days only. And now think you are 18 years old, then you have lived 6570 days of your life already, only 15,000 days or so were remaining. Each day counts, so make it count.

Death. Death is not about the what you did when you died, but it is how you lived. Death is the ultimate result of this human life and is slipping us in an inevitable end every forthcoming second. Death is the truth, that we will die eventually. The most sophisticated and significant truth.

We all die before death; we die every day a little. We die when we are shattered to our heart, we die when we don’t know what to do and cry hard. We also die when we feel helpless and can’t do anything else but regret our decisions. All I am asking you to stop dwelling in these deaths before the ultimate salvation. I am asking you to live before you die, and I am not saying you should plan a trip to Europe and start spilling money or to leave every responsibility and be carefree. I am rather asking you to feel alive, attain happiness in things that you do, do not reiterate things and be alienated. Ask yourself, would you rather live and die, or die again and again until the ultimate end?

Thyself is the power, thou are the strength. Thy know the knowledge and know how to dwell in light of day, colour of flower and essence of wind, warmth of sun. Thou demand life, and live before death.


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