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Death: The biggest opportunity? An insight into Sushant Singh Rajput's mysterious life


‘Death can be the greatest opportunity’... The depth of life and its purpose is peculiarly contradicting. Having the opportunity to live for years and being oblivious to its importance has been the case with every human. But hey? What if we're aware of our death and its timing? Will we continue to live the way we are living it today? Will there still be complaints about not being granted enough? The answer is a big no! We'll instead, do everything that we wanted to do and were part of our fantasies before we're stuck with the harsh reality (death). There will be involuntary happiness and only emotions flowing from top to toe. I’d like to take you along into a man’s journey in life who has been a celebrated personality ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’. Before his demise, he had a list of 50 'dreams' or as we call it bucket

list that he wanted to experience in his life. A man who wanted to see life through different lenses; wanted to make life happen with his dreams and explore every inch of life with his zealous soul had never thought what life had ahead of him.

Life was just absolutely great for him, if we see him as an outsider, as his audience. After all, we all are mutual with the thought 'What problems a celebrity can even face? Good money, good wealth, good fame. What else does one need huh?' He was a prodigy in his academic life and to pursue his passion, that is acting, he shifted gears to take his journey further. Most of us might be aware of his journey as an actor, whether working in the daily soaps or his endeavor in the films, he has been versatile in every aspect. Who knew life was going to take turns for him and his gift of life will be snatched in no time? Whatever be the cause of his death, certainly mysterious, his life has the most important lesson for all of us.

No matter what life throws at us, with determination and the sense of realizing the importance of every day in the life, can give us the best moments and make life a beautiful experience. Life kept giving him signs, ranging from being betrayed by his friends to having a tough time dealing with false allegations. If only his near and dear ones had been wiser to acknowledge his stress and pain and helped him step out of it, he would be fighting his battles and that too

alive! Currently, all we can do is assume the causes for his death and make it our opinion. The harsh truth is that even if he gets justice today, the reality wouldn't change. He's gone and gone forever...We all have meanings and purposes for life, some of us are just dragging through it and others, living it in every way. Do we have to make death the biggest opportunity? My heart echoes for a big NO! Certainly, we cannot predict what life has planned for us, but we can surely take control of our happiness and make our journey on earth a memorable one. Indeed, living should be the greatest opportunity we possess.

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