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Depressed quotes depress more. Why?


Depression quotes depress more.Why?

What is depression? How does it comes? Who does have this?

We all have come with this question once in our mind. Depression is basically the stage where our mind flow in the blue and one person starts feeling down.Almost every person feels into the blue and have to motivate himself to come out of the darkness.

It is usually seen that today’s youth are stressed about their career,family and other issues. The only way is to motivate themselves is self motivation and a little kindness. Mental health issue is been rising in the society nowadays, there was a day when people used to hide their feelings but today they put their words, their feelings, how do they feel.

Moreover depression is just a word for someone and while for the other it is a major problem.

Depression has no gender, it can be in any gender. Even men have depression, the reasons may vary from the others. Feeling low in the day cycle, sometimes a person is unable to express his or her feelings.

Let’s broach the power of positivity. One of the major factor used to get positivity is the use of positive quotes. Do depressed quotes depress more? Yes , they do!

It can easily understood by the fact that one’s you’re with the good around you, you feel good but when do you have a bad surrounding you feel different and anxious. From where do we get these depressed quotes? How ones get depressed? Some of the points from where we all can get to know depression may occur:

1. Social media

Social media is one of the major factor from where ones get depressed. Using of social media more than required also affects the mental health of the person. Many of the times depressed quotes are visible in the page which makes the person feel depress.

2. Early childhood trauma

Sometimes there is any incident from the past that struck in the person’s memories for long which made him feel anxious and with anxiety.

3. Drug use

The use of drugs also caused depression. Today youngsters get involved in such activities which causes mental health problems and an addiction to it, giving rise to depression symptoms.

Symptoms of depression:

• Mood changes- The person’s mood changes in minutes, also gets irritated, anger management is null ,swings arises and crying become a part of it.

• Emotion well being- person is unable to share his feelings, incompleteness of feelings.

• Behaviour changes- emotionally,silent,angry,etc.

• Cognitive ability- not able to concentrate on a thing at a time.

• Physical well being- loss of energy.

Quotes plays an important role in the depression factor and is one of the best way to make a person comes out of such problems. The use of various quotes can be easily seen in the therapist clinic, that is positive quotes.

According to the therapist the more you bring positivity around you,the more you’ll be happy. The place of the psychiatrist is surrounded with small small quotes of

• Positive lifestyle

• Happy quotes

• Inspirational quotes

• Motivational quotes

• And others.

These helps to create an aura around a person to make him feel freely and mentally stable.

The use of depress quotes can make the person in a dilemma where he would unable to get out of such illnesses. Also the symptoms would arise.

Depressed quotes even depress the person more. The more you live in positivity,the more you gain positivity from them.

Illnesses can be cured but only if a person wanted to live in light not in darkness.

Treatment of depression:

• Use of positive quotes- as mentioned above the importance of positive quotes for a therapist and also of the depressed person

• Medications- the use of pills, antidepressants to make them fell relax.

• Psychotherapy- the therapies by the therapists helps in terms of mental stability

• Exercises- exercising is a good practice it helps to keep body not only physically but mentally fill too.

• Avoiding drugs

• Taking care of yourself- self love is the most important in case of therapies for cure.


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