By- Jasleen Kaur

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Jasleen Kaur


Did you laugh today?


Imagine a world without humour, without fun and laughter! I bet you can't. It is not meant to be that way because humour is one of the essential emotions that govern our lives. Everyone loves a joke, everyone loves to pull a prank and when one is with friends, laughter does the rounds repeatedly.

Do you know that laughter is scientific? When someone is about to laugh, the brain executes a bunch of commands, sending signals to dozens of muscles and glands all at once. The whole body reacts to this emotion.

Face: About 15 small muscles squeeze our face into a smile. The increased blood flow gives the face a happy glow!

Eyes: The eyes sparkle and sometimes when we laugh, our tear duct get activated and our eyes water, reducing symptoms of stress.

Mouth: Whether it is ha-ha-ha or he-he-he the muscles of the mouth get good exercise. In fact, it has been researched that laughter has the power to raise our immune function.

Lungs: The diaphragm pumps down and up filling the lungs with air and because the lungs exchange more air, they enrich the blood with oxygen.

Besides this, laughter is a pain reliever and an exercise. It sends the heart rate up momentarily and a shot of good chemicals reduces inflammation and clotting.

Did you know?

Your laughter says a lot about you. The way you laugh tells others about your nature. Laughter is truly contagious, you watch someone laugh you'll end up smiling or laughing. At last, laughter burns calories!!

So go ahead and laugh, cackle, snicker, giggle.

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