By- Raghav Bharti
I write what I can’t say and I don't say most of the things.

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Raghav Bharti




Hurting in secret, yes that has been been my main.

Your umpteenth blows have always made me go pretty insane.

I disappeared from your shape because my shape couldn’t fit in your geometry.

And I have been through a mysterious disappearance and lost all my abditory.

I abnegated my caper and traded my weapon for silence.

And the silence of my small bedroom whispered to me ‘let go off the pain'.

I gave them my bones because they didn’t have wood to make their shelter.

But they all mock me around and call me a boneless feller.

Their repetitive same mistakes has scraped all of my trust.

Being unnecessarily polite has degraded all of my self-respect.

So I befriended the silence and drank all my anger.

Because my anger makes me feels like I am standing on a flaming burner.

Loving the silence, yes that has become my new game.

Shutting my door to the loudness of world, dare you say my name

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