By- Pranjal Sukhija

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Pranjal Sukhija


Do I Matter?

Reality Check

Do you ever think about your purpose in this life? Why you're here, would the world be any different if you weren't a part of it?

Most of us grow up around the illogical ethos of the society. There's no real sense that life (ours or anyone’s) is significant or meaningful. The roots of such discontent lies in the contradiction that 'I Don't Matter'.

But birth itself is God's way of saying "I matter".

Life is not as simple as this one line. But the whole meaning to life lies in this single line. I don't know if i matter or not, all I know is that all of us are here for a 'reason' we just have to find it and that one reason is enough for living.

We only have two options. To either be on the path of nihilism and spend most of our lives thinking of it as meaningless and waste. Or just flow with the experiences, lessons and memories gathered along the path of life.

People go through intense pain and sufferage throughout there lives. That sometime makes them more stronger and sometimes breaks them all down. But thinking of ourselves as incapable and unwanted in this universe helps no one. Being such a true soul that wherever you go, whoever you meet are only left behind with positive memories and vibes makes you an ideal individual.

Terrible things will happen throughout life's path, but you my friend should always chose to love, chose to live, chose to fight.

We may never understand but the universe has grand plans for each of us. It wants the best for all of us. All we need to do is have faith in the universe and things will be alright at the end.

You matter maybe not to people but to the world, the universe and let me tell you that "No one else can play your part".

"You are a billion years of cosmic chance in human form". Don't ever let anyone tell you,

You dont belong.

Trust the Universe.

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