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Reality Check


I hope you all are doing well. 

Here I am with something actually needed to be discussed. 

So, without wasting any time, let's begin! 


Basically, a teenager is nothing but a person of age group 12-19 years. It is a stage where one experiences drastic changes in their life. The reason behind it is the onset of puberty ,i.e., physical, psychological and hormonal changes in a person. 

A large number of population on the earth comprises of our YOUTH. In that too, the number of teenagers is quite high. As the future is in the hands of the youth, it is necessary to nourish them properly with utmost care. 

In my opinion when a kid undergoes these changes, he/she needs support and guidance so that their mental balance may remain stable. 

Here what can help them is TEENAGE COUNSELLING! 

Let's go through the reasons that urge the need of the same! 


  • Attraction towards opposite gender: Due to stimulation of oxytocin hormone during puberty, one starts to get attracted to the opposite gender. They feel attached, loved and everything seems smooth at the very beginning. But if they get separated from their partners, due to any of the reasons, it affects adversely to their mental health. It may trigger a whole range of emotions: sadness, anger, fear, regret or even guilt. 

  • Bullying: As already discussed, physical changes are normal in teenagers. It may cause them look different from others at a particular stage. Even mental disbalance is quite common in these days. Even a little bit of differentiation from the race around may cause them to face bullying by others. This is a severe problem as it creates fear among them. This leads in stopping them to discuss about what they feel, even to their parents. 


  • Death of loved ones: If anyone dies who was close to that teen then he/she may feel frustrated or just like a heart-break. It is my personal experience that when I lost my father around 3 years ago, it took me to a state of mind paralysis. I mean, I was just shocked for months and it was unbelievable for me even after a long time. 

  • Family issues: Often, family issues create disturbance in a teen’s life. Internal environment is the most important thing that teens need in order to balance themselves. In these cases, Family Counselling can be a good option. 

  • Expectations from all around: Recently, a survey exclaimed that teenagers face a lot of pressure of expectations from all around. It may be from their parents, friends, relatives or teachers. Pressure of exams; pressure of being the best and more leads to depression. They should be taught to control and tackle these situations. 


Almost every teen internalizes problems to themselves. So now, let's discuss about some of the symptoms that conveys if a teenager needs counselling! 



  • Disturbed Sleep: Often, when we’re feeling upset, physical things like sleep patterns are the first to be affected. If a teen is finding it harder to sleep, it may be a sign something is causing him/her anxiety. Likewise, sleeping significantly more than usual can be an indicator that they’re demoralized or even depressed.   

  • Behavioral changes: This is the most common symptom you can observe. If a teen has started to be alone; If they want to spend the whole day in their room only; If they have created a social barrier between them and others then it is sign that they need some extra support.  

  • Untimely consumption of food: It is quite common to notice that teens refuse to sit with their family for meals. Either they have started to eat too much or too less. Ironically, this mayhappen because something is eating them from inside. Yeah, they need to be properly diagnosed. 

  • Falling of grades: Falling of grades can be another reason. As already discussed, teens undergo a lot of pressure and face a lot of expectations. If they experience fall in their grades they may get upset and might think that they are of no use. In the light of this, a teacher can guide him/her the best. They may express themselves in their educational institutions rather than discussing this in home as they scare to hamper their family’s expectations. 

  • Health issues: If a teen is experiencing regular headaches, upset tummy or lack of concentration, then he/she needs to get support. These may be the symptoms of anxiety. If this is not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible then the condition can become even worse leading to depression. 


Hey readers, as of now you all may have understood that teenage counselling is really necessary. The potential of our youth may fall if these matters are not viewed with concern. 

Teens often struggle to talk to their parents because they’re worried, they’ll get in trouble, or that what they say will affect their relationship with them. Sometimes, it may be their parents they need to talk about; and so are unlikely to come to them directly. In these cases, having someone to talk to confidentially and who will listen without judging can be a really big help. 

All you can do, if you see a teen facing these situations around you, is you can make a bond with them such that they can feel free to express themselves in front of you. Even you can suggest someone to them who is quite experienced about the concerns they are facing. Nothing can be more helpful than silently listening to them; being frank to them; making them feel comfortable so they can share their concerns with you without any problem.  

I hope my dear readers that you’ll surely spread this article as much as possible as you may have known that this concern is really worth highlighted.