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Reality Check

Hello everyone! Welcome!! This is a dedication of self-care. Whose self-care?? Your self-care! Taking some time away or limiting technology can help boost a person's mental and physical health. Its a great way to find more time for yourself and to get more of those lost minutes back. When was the last time you were alone? If you are thinking it's been too long. The reason it's been so long is probably because, in today's world, we are never truly alone. We always have a notification popping on our screen, our workphone ringing at 10pm, or our instagram feed waiting to be consumed. We crave connection with others, as a result, we never have time to connect with ourselves. So, lets do a reality check on how much time do we spend with ourself and what are the benefits of spending time with ourselves??

When I suggest my friends to spend few minutes alone, I often hear comments like, "I'm too busy to make time for myself", or "I can't sit still. I need to be productive" and so on. But I think that the more busier you are, the more likely you are to benefit from some quiet time. So, quiet your mind, and lets the soul to speak. If you are not regularly spending time alone, you are not living your best life. You are not much aware of the major benefits you can get by spending some time with yourself. Spending time alone can change your life. By spending time with yourself you can know yourself betterly. I honestly speaking that I used to spend a little bit time with myself and I used to focus on my own thoughts and feeling, and no one else's. Spending time alone is a form of self-care for me.

Those things that I felt when I spent time with myself, I want to share with you people. The first thing I feel is boosting self-esteem. When it comes to confidence, spending time alone can give you a huge boost. Learning to enjoy spending time alone improves our self-esteem by confirming that YES, we are enough... Other thing is you can explore your interest. Spending time by myself was a great way to check in with what matters most to me!! Being alone with your thoughts gives your brain a chance to explore, which then paves the way for creativity to flourish. While we human beings are social creatures, research has shown that spending time alone can lead to an increase in overall happiness, better life satisfaction and can improve stress management.

Sometimes you need to take a break from all things and spend a quality time only with yourself, because it will really help you to love, explore and experience your life. Spending time alone not only allows you to recharge, but it lets you see to the people in your life in a completely different light, which can then help you to gain a renewed sense of gratitude. Understanding yourself will help you better understand relationships in your life. Through a bit of reflection, you will realize which relationships are meaningful and add to your life, and which ones are harmful or simply there to fill a space. You will recognize value in your positive relationships.

Self awareness is the key to emotional intelligence, so it's important that we check in with ourselves often to give it a boost. How do we do this?? Spending time alone, of couse! Because self awareness requires understanding our emotions and how we react to these situations, it's important that we allow ourselves the space to self-reflect... an activity that happens very best when we're by ourselves.

When we live alone, go out alone, or simply spend a quiet afternoon with ourselves, we are in control of everything we do, which allows us the opportunity to flush some of the negativity brought on by others out. Less negativity leads to more positivity, which then allows you to shift your perspective and improve your general disposition. The combination of all of these benefits ultimately leads to decreased stress. When you are alone, you don't need to think about anything, but yourself. You don't have to worry about social interactions. There is no pressure. It's just you, yourself, and you. Be alone, get inside your mind, figure things out and grow.

Let's do this reality check once, and analyse its results!!!

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