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Does an Indian woman have to be perfect to qualify the judgement round of the society before marriage?


Does an Indian woman need to be perfect to qualify for the judgement round of the society before marriage?

Hello lovely audience, once again I bring to you another interesting article. I think looking at the title you all must have understood what I am going to talk about.

So let me first highlight the key words of this title:




So first of all no one is perfect in this world and how can someone expect a woman to manage everything perfectly, though only a woman has the power and will to work from day to night for everyone without taking break. From my point of view a perfect woman is the one who is self dependent and who is ready to face any challenge in her life. Making a gol roti does not make you perfect. And this line is especially for the society who thinks that the job of a woman is only looking after their family and kitchen.

Coming towards society, let me tell you one thing very clearly that no one is bothered about what all things are going in your life except your family. Society’s work is to complain. You can never make everyone happy in this society. Somewhere, somehow, someone will be there to point out your mistakes. So dear ladies stop taking tension of the society and do whatever makes you happy. Even before the marriage if the society judges you they are not going to come and solve your family disputes. They actually don’t have any right to judge you.

Marriage is something which is between two people and two families. If those two families are happy with each other, the couple is connected with each other than no one has the right to poke their nose in their personal matters.

Try to be perfect for each other for the marriage and not for the society.

Society is going to judge you from the size of your dress to the shape of your roti. Don’t let such people ruin your relationship and your mental health.

Be happy for what you are.

Try to be a better version of yourself instead of changing yourself for the society.

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