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Does Intimacy is the New Meaning of LOVE?

Hello Readers,

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Today, through this article I am going to discuss an essential and 'Need of the Hour' topic which is getting very common and usual these days. By the title, you must have understood what the article is about, so without spending more time let's just start-

Intimacy? What is getting intimate? When we say that a couple shares their intimate moment with each other, what does that mean? In a common language, Intimacy means to build a physical and passionate relationship with each other(without getting married of course), people of today's generation pretend to be extremely smart, intelligent, and modern, but when it comes to finding an accurate meaning or definition of a term, they usually fail.

Our so-called new generation believes that being in a relationship is not just enough, but getting intimate with each other without any serious and genuine commitment is a way too sincere thing that they can do. Isn't! They think that intimacy is the only way to show their love towards their respective partners, but it's not!

People in love tend to make mistakes sometimes by crossing their limits but intimacy is something that should not be accepted before any serious commitment. I may sound orthodox here but if you practically think about the unexpected consequences that can happen in the future just because of the few moments of passion, you will definitely regret the immature and childish decision you took for the sake of so-called pleasure.

Pre-Martial Intimacy is something declared as a Sin in the Mythological Books for a reason. And that too, the reason is very obvious, if you can't commit your partner to be together in future then you don't have any right to spoil their whole life by blackmailing him/her in the name of unconditional love.

Intimacy is something very pure and connected to the soul but if some spoiled people use this as a medium of relaxation or a weapon to increase their addiction it will cost them nothing but it can definitely destroy the life of their partner in every aspect. No one wants to break his/her heart every time just because their partner is done or fed up with their body. The generation needs to understand that Intimacy is not a compulsion when you're in a relationship. And it's not a necessary thing that only a boy can force a girl to build a physical relationship, even girls are going insane nowadays to get intimate in a relationship with their partner as soon as possible.

So, should we stop loving and trusting our partners just because they want to get intimate? Of course, not, you have decided and made your mind to spend the whole life with them along before. Breaking the relationship is not a solution or way to get rid of the intimacy, instead, you need to make your partner understand that why your purity means a lot to you and why you are uncomfortable in a physical relationship(because without any confirmation or permission the intimacy can be considered as sexual harassment). And if your partner still forces you to get intimate with them at any cost then unfortunately it's the right time to get rid of that person and relationship as well.

Also, Intimacy without any kind of security and proper knowledge can be very hazardous to a person's health. It may cause an unhealthy illegal abortion of a girl which can cause her a lot of problems in the future, if not getting married to the person(you get intimidated) one also have to struggle a lot of virginity issues at the time of wedding with another person.

Clearly, in my opinion, Intimacy is definitely not equal to Love, it can be just a way to express Love(sometimes) but then what can be the exact definition of LOVE? Love is a beautiful gift of privacy and understanding to show the presence and importance of someone in your life without even expecting anything in return. Love is holding hands in public to show your possession and compassion over someone, Love is spending your weekend doing stupid purposeless things with your partner to prove your unbreakable friendship with him/her, Love is understanding your partner's feelings without any unnecessary drama, Love is to be with someone in his/her ups and downs and at last, Love is something which does not depend on any kind of Intimacy.

Thank You!

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