By- Aryan Varshney
Hey as you Know My Name is Aryan Varshney.I am 18 year young and I am on the journey of living My Life. I learn From my experiences and write them πŸ˜‰

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Aryan Varshney


Don't Act Like A Monkey


Once upon a time some scientist performed an experiment.

They take a big cage and placed ladder there.At the top of the ladder they hang bananas 🍌 .

And five monkeys where put there.

Now whenever a monkey tries to reached the top cold shower starts.So as the cold water falls on monkeys, He quickly come down and rain stops.

Again when other monkeys try to reach the bananas cold water falls and cycle repeats. So all the monkeys concluded that if anyone climbed the ladder shower will start. After that whenever any monkey try to reach there other monkeys gather fights with him and stops him.

And it repeats.πŸ”„

Now scientists replace one monkey with the new one .Now the cage contained one new monkey and four old Ones. New monkey have no idea what is going there so he looked at bananas and start climbing , but this time scientist dont release Cold water .But still other monkey pulled him down and start beating him.

The new monkey had no idea what is going on.He again tried and again rest of them beat him.So he end up with the conclusion that it's not allowed to climb ladder and others are too not allowed to do so .Scientists again replace an old monkey with new .Again the new Monkey does the same thing that the monkey before him tries, rest four monkeys again gather and stops him from climbing , again he tries and others resist him.So he too concluded that it's not allowed to climb the ladder.

Slowly the remaining three also get replaced by new. Now the cage contains New five monkeys which were not present at the time Cold shower.

All of them had no idea why they were not allowed to climb the ladder but it was set in their mind,So no one tries to reach there. If they wish they can easily go and get bananas,eat them even though there was no cold shower.

Exactly this happens with us humans. Thousands years ago there were some customs, rituals which have some reasons behind them. But after the destruction of those reasons those rituals still continues.No one Dare to ask why we are doing what we are doing.

Only everybody knows that it happens .

In the above experiment they were innocent animals. They don't know how to ask questions but we are humans .But we being Humans don't ask questions. Then what's the difference between animals and us.

Think about It !

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