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Reality Check


 Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel low, drained, and devoid of energy? You might feel so after a stressful period, because of trying circumstances, a spell of hectic world or sudden trauma. Often you are unable to pinpoint a reason for it. And for some of us, it may have become a state of being a joyless, purposeless existence. Each of us has been given the gift of life, fueled by the life force or prana. Why does this precious resource dwindle, sometimes too desperately low levels? Take a look at following energy guzzlers:


For many of us , this is a natural activity as eating or sleeping we worry about things that we are convinced are doomed to happen ; that those who are ill will not recovered and others who aren’t will fall ill; bad times will remain bad; good ones will take a turn for the worse; children who are in school will not get admission into good universities ; those who have, might not do justice to the opportunity given to them; bright children of marriageable age will not find good alliances and , of course, potential good candidates might turn out to be not -so-good. In fact, as a worrier can tell you with conviction, nothing in life is certain, so there is much to worry about. It is responsible to worry about. It is responsible to worry. There is always ample fuel for the fire of worry .And this is a greedy, unsatisfied fire, always ready to devour more. It is a vicious story of burnout .What does this mean in energy terms? Consider this: energy follows thought, so as you continue to feed that fire – as you think negative thoughts about all the things that may not turn out as well as you wish –you are actually giving energy to those very occurrences that you wish to avoid. As you continue to obsessively think about them and imagine the consequences, energy continues to flow to them. Often you find them manifesting, little realizing your role in their creation .Soon you feel drained, unhappy and low in energy.


If worry drains you with fears of the future then hurt, resentment and regret keep you chained the past. As you nourish memories of people who have hurt you or let you down , of circumstances that have betrayed your expectations , or of unfulfilled dreams , you are only draining energy t something that is , in fact dead and gone.

Think about it; somebody said something hurtful to you years ago. You can still remember and talk about it with tears in your eyes. Mean while that person is no longer part of your life; but you continue to leak energy to this thought. No wonder you wake up feeling life is unfair and joyless rather than a gift.


This is one of the heaviest emotions that wear you down as our continue to carry it. We all make mistakes, feel regret over situations in our lives; commit acts of omission or mission. But we cannot let go we believe it would irresponsible to forgive. So, we continue to internally condemn and scold, instead of learning from the fall and getting up to move on. It is much like climbing a mountain with a heavy trunk tied to your back .How can you really look around and enjoy the view?

Is all this just glib talk? Can we really decide not to worry for the future r easily let go of our disappointments of the past? Can we just as simply forgive others and ourselves? Can we emotionally free to decide? 

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