By- Rachel Mathews
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." - James 1:17

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Rachel Mathews


Dumb And Shy


I just locked my computer, stood up, pushing the chair behind with my calf muscle

and placing a loose strand of my brunette hair behind my ear. 

I pulled out my mirror to check my lipstick.

Just then I heard a click of stilettos banging the wooden floor of my Boss’s  cabin.

I tried peeping from the glass door, which was difficult as it was covered

with decent warli design. I somehow managed to see that it was his ungrateful girlfriend Sophia. 

Everybody in the office knew how much she loves money.

My boss knew this very well, but had to tolerate her to improve his playboy image in public.

His plan is to be in a relationship with her for 3-4 months (which is way too much for him).

This stunt will build a neat reputation for him which will eventually ascend his business to a new level.

I moved out of my workstation to grab a cup of latte. I turned around and I saw the devil himself coming out of his cabin tucking the button on his jacket.

I watched him walk shamelessly, looking so gorgeous in 5o’ clock stubble

and hair neatly gelled back.


I turned around to take my coffee and get back to work. I could sense the hot vibes

coming from a different human body must be just inches away. I turned and saw a

ravishing pair of hazel brown eyes stuck on me.

That look was enough to make me feel like a jelly. I was just about to fall when he

scooped me in his trunk like arms. Am I dreaming during this bright sunny day?

He came near me. His sharp nose slid from my cheeks to my jawline.


All over my body. A shiver ran down through my spine. That masculine musk cologne,

making me all giddy. He looks like a walking drooling machine. He came near my ear to

whisper something and I heard a loud thud and….  OMG! Was I sleeping in the office?

I stood up abruptly releasing the crease on my dress. I see the devil himself standing in front of me, his fist clenched. The look on his face was.. Somewhat mixed.

“Wake up we have a meeting in 10 mins” 

I was trying to calculate what exactly just happened when he took a halt

at the door of my cabin (Yes, I have one.) and said huskily “You talk in your sleep”.

He gave me a sly grin and left. I stood there dumb and shy.

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