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Effective ways to balance work and personal life

With the increase in the need to quench the greed of wanting more success, people have put everything on stake to prove themselves better and competitive in this era of 'wanting more'. It's not just you but generally work and personal life balance is getting harder for most of us. A new survey claims that it's getting tougher to set boundaries and juggle responsibilities, and millennials have the worst take at this.

If we reckon the good old days, the sense of happiness and ‘living in the moment’ gushes within us. In those days, our dads used to come home and play with us, enjoy the family time. While our mothers prepared delicacies, and weekends were for an outing or a picnic! It is important to balance the life we live professionally and personally live in these days. Just as important it is to balance our work life; we need to be personally involved too. After all, it's the family that stays with us in our tick and thins.

Following are the ways that can help you balance your work and personal life: -

·  Prioritize – One of the main reasons for poorly managed work and personal life, is the fact that we fail to appropriately prioritize. Working overtime, exerting yourself while at work will only add up the pressure and affect your efficiency. This will lead to poor family life and turning the environment stressful.

If you devote the required time to work and then spend time with your family, it will help you to further stay encouraged for a new day!

· Rounded Individuality – For those who are extremely workaholic, miss out on the positive and interesting aspects of life. Having interests outside work helps you in improving skills and make you a more interesting individual. Perhaps, you shouldn’t shy away in taking a day off!

· Physical health & wellbeing – 'Healthy body, healthy mind' – as this great saying says, we need to maintain our physical wellbeing by engaging in exercises and staying fit. The more you regularize this, the better it improves your productivity. What's the point of earning such huge amount of money when you can't enjoy your wealth? It is best to focus on your health and live a life which helps you to enjoy your hard-earned wealth.

· Mental health – Unfortunately, not all employers promote mental health in the workplace. However, it is the need of the hour as there are increasing cases of depression and anxiety that affect the employees. This occurs when too much pressure is put on the employee, culminating to 'chronic stress'.

· Promoting ‘no work’ at home policy – This needs to be seriously taken into consideration as it hinders the amount of rest needed by the human body. The inability to leave the work at the workplace is a major issue and simply adds to the work pressure. This policy will promote a better life for employees at home and help them to enjoy their family lives. Strict implementation of this policy can help the employees to have a sense of working better.

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