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Ananya singh


Electronic art - a revolutionised art form


There has been an increasing amount of scientific evidence that art enhances brain functions. This mere statement won't suffice the eminence of art. But after a lot of research , it has been scrutinised that art enhances the levels of serotonin in our brain which is undoubtedly great from a biological perspective.

So in this article, I will try to make you acquainted with digital art.

So one such art which is gaining limelight these days is the digital or the electronic art forms. Since technology is edging all over the world why not art.

Technology is emerging in arts too and is providing artists with an extensive platform and techniques to access every bounties in art field.

Since every art has a traditional and conventional form which is good to go but once we start exploring the facets of digital art , it would simply amaze us!

A lot of advantages are paving digital art to evolve these days. Some can be summarised below.

Once we start doing via traditional art what's the first step ,yeah grabbing various paints, brushes, colours , canvas and so on and once you accidentally spoil your art! PHEW all gone in vain !

But digital art is already so precise You just need to be comfortable in front of your PC and you are good to go. You don't need to care of the whacky colors and there is no room for mistakes since there is a CTRL+Z!

There is a substantial combination of brushes and shades that would take you forever to try all.

It means there is a platform for endless possibilities.

And it is quick too. There is duplication with precision in electronic art that is you can share your art form to various publishers since it would always look the same .

Sodigital art is becoming a great medium for artists to revolutionise traditional art. It would serve a variety of artistic needs to put down the barriers of creation and imagination.

On a concluding note if you too have a artist inside you and want to take a break from hectic life schedule, try to explore undivided forms of electronic art that would simply amaze you and not stay behind to awestruck you !

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