By- Ranisha Agrawal
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Ranisha Agrawal


Emily in Paris | No spoiler | Review


Genre-Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy

Rating - 4 stars

Seasons till 2020 - 1

Episodes per season - 10

Duration of each episode - 25- 30 min

An outrageous, tempting , romantic drama. A Chicago chic named Emily Cooper has to go to work in France to give an American perspective to the French firm. Untrained with French how will she manage? French people admire  beauty, sex and smoke. The series is strikingly watchable, an escapist confection brimming with easily digestible plots, costumes and characters.

How will Emily decide who is right for her relationships? Hot men, beautiful hearts ,warming personalities, fashion and croissants, but Paris has more  than that.

The series is fun watching and predicting what will happen next .

The focus is put on the French ending which according to the French people is sad, tragic and something indigestible. But the last episode felt like something is incomplete and you are left just stuck in your own thoughts wondering what would happen after.

It’s a must watch for romantic comedy lovers, fashion enthusiasts and for those who like intriguing and lovable characters .

It's a| light, cultural comedy which will make Paris your dream city.

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