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So corona started, then lockdown started, and then you started binge-watching all the amazing web series with really cool love stories. Now you want your love life to be like the heroine or hero of these web series and look for your perfect boy or girl, so where will you go?

Answer is tinder

Tinder has been installed, the swiping game is on point and finally found two-three potential boyfriends or girlfriends to be, but the game doesn’t end here it starts from here and I am here to help you by teaching you the etiquettes of online dating.

1) Never Share Your Phone Number With Anyone – last time I checked tinder it didn’t have call option but they plan to launch one, so stay tuned but most of the dating apps nowadays have an inbuilt calling function. So try to keep your conversation initially restricted to the app if you decide to take it further than choose your next medium very carefully, basically a place where you can easily get rid of the person if he/she/they turn out to be not what you expected without causing chaos in your life.

2) Don’t Reveal Any Important Information About Yourself – so some people are very chill and cool like me, just like an open book, so they are willing to reveal everything about themselves so if you do this ,stop and think twice before doing this next time. Never ever reveal more than needed. I feel we all are intelligent enough to decide what should be told and what not if we think carefully but if you fail to do this than experience will teach you.

3) Talk As Much You Can Before Trusting – guys not just conversation but a proper meaningful conversation is very important. Whenever something new starts we all end up feeling all lovey-dovey and stop paying importance to details. Please please keep your brain active when talking, analyze your conversation, ask meaningful questions to get not just a little idea but the major idea about the person you are talking to also our brain knows how to identify red flags please don’t ignore them.

4)Appearance can be deceiving – pictures can be faked easily so try to get on a video call with a person if you are really looking to take the conversation further. One of my friends was talking to this person for so long only to realize the person she was talking to was paralyzed waist down and he hid that fact from her and even asked her to commit to her while hiding this fact. So yup dating apps can be a place where all the scam happens.

5) Always use Snapchat for sexting- one piece of advice which every person will give you after you have sexted on Instagram or WhatsApp is please do that kind of business on Snapchat. So take that advice and move your shady dating life to snap.

6) Stay prepared for heartbreak- dating apps are also the places where people go when they are bored, not proud of this but I go to tinder just to play the swiping game not to actually talk to people. So don’t end up getting too serious for someone and if you do and someone breaks your heart, then wait for my next article on tried and tested nushke of dealing with the breakup.

7) Always trust your brain, don’t be blind- as I said previously also we all have a sixth sense which is unconsciously always warning us about the danger but we choose to ignore our sixth sense. So stop doing that, take a deep breath, think about what’s shady and figure out why it’s shady and if it’s worth continuing. For ex: in my case, a boy was initially giving me time then he suddenly stopped and every time we tried to talk he was just busy, it was tough to accept it but yes we have to move on.

8) Never ghost someone - you don’t like someone, tell them directly. Trust me being straightforward saves you from lots of trouble. One more thing which you should remember is never ghost someone at least not the people you know. All thanks to lockdown we are online dating even those people who personally know us. So if you ghost them and meet them things will be really - really awkward

So all the humans craving that human touches please follow this advice very carefully if you don’t want to break your heart or other person’s heart.

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