By- Bula Kalra

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Bula Kalra


Evils of the Indian society

Reality Check

Our society has seen immense progress; from economic and social backwardness and draconian

traditions and practices like sati pratha, we have now managed to uplift our

society and achieve significant growth and development, both social and

economic. However, even 75 years after attaining independence, India is still

shackled by numerous social and political evils and circumstances that are

posing a threat to the future well-being of our society and country.

One of the many things that infuriates me about our society is the concept of “moral

policing” that has been prevalent in the country since decades and has been

highlighted through several incidents in the recent years. Moral policing is

essentially vigilantism veiled by the ‘need to protect our culture’. It takes

place when a group of vigilantes and sometimes even the police or the

government decide to enforce morality and cause destruction of life and

property in the name of protecting their culture, religion or morals. There

have been various instances in India wherein innocent people have lost their

lives or suffered severe abuses as a result of moral policing. It includes

cases of vandalism, mob lynching, and sometimes even terrorism. Often, these

acts have no logical or legal basis and can prove fatal because of the presence

of mob behavior. When the protectors of the law, the police engage in such

moral policing, it uses Section 292 to 294 of the Indian Penal Code to justify

such acts, and hence it often leaves no scope for a legal remedy for the


Another very important and often talked about issue prevalent in our society that needs

urgent redressal is crimes and discrimination against women. Patriarchy and

gender bias has existed in our society since times immemorial, and has been

passed on from generation to generation. Women are seen as the weaker gender,

and are expected to be submissive to men. They’re treated as inferior to men,

are not provided the same opportunities as them, and are discriminated against

in almost every aspect and field. Not only has this hindered women’s

development throughout centuries, it has also made them victims of sexual

assault, rape, domestic violence, female foeticide and other such heinous

crimes. Such crimes are increasing at an alarming rate, day by day.

Almost every problem in our country is, directly or indirectly, related to the high rate of

illiteracy as well as the backward outlook of the people. Consequently, a high

literacy rate paired with a well-developed and modern education system can help

resolve a great deal of our problems. Moral policing primarily exists in our

country due to the regressive mentality of the people, including the government

and the police. They fail to acknowledge the concept of “live and let live” and

the right to life as well as the right to privacy of each individual. No

well-read and sophisticated person would lynch others in the name of enforcing


Similarly, no such well-read individual would commit crimes against women or discriminate against

them. The Indian society must be freed from the shackles of a patriarchal mind

set, and our women must be given the same opportunities, respect and rights as

men. This will only be achieved if each citizen is literate, and is provided an

open and positive environment right from childhood where he/she can develop the

right kind of ideas about the society and the world and foster a respect for

each and every fellow human being.

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