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Tanya srivastava


Failure:- Its all about how you see it

Is failure is that much shameful that can trigger a person to suicide?

Is Failure the end of the world? 

Failure is one of those words which we automatically relate to sadness,crying, worthless etc etc. etc.

But why ? can’t we relate it to something positive ?

Is this ingrained in our mind?

This all starts from the first time you fail an exam or  a test for the first time, as a child you don’t know how to react , so you  react according to what teachers or parents tell you to.

Yes , this failure fear is   ingrained  in us. Nowadays most of us are chasing  success that's in our mind .And anything lower than that is an epic failure . It's all about perspective guys , how you see  the situation is the main thing. It's all your choice to take it as a positive thing and learn something from it . I have faced many failures and I can say from my experience that it's not an easy situation to be in . Our brain only focuses on the bad stuff and it's hard to focus on work or a positive thing , and it gets worse when you are a teenager . And the most shocking thing is no one teaches us how to react in these kinds of situations , that's why many people have several anxiety or depression . I'm not talking about only the academic failure , failure can come in any form . We have to change our perspective and how we see failure . It will take time, patience and courage to do it. 

You have heard or read somewhere those inspirational line said by the most successful people and after reading it you feel motivated but here is the reality check guys 

 You really have to go deep inside your brain and pull out those ingrained strings  . Humans can bear 95% of the pain without showing it on their face . yeah that's true. 

Everything those successful minds have said is 110% true because they have experienced every kind of failure. Now let's cut to the chase how we can have a good perspective of failure , how we can practically deal with it emotionally and mentally . 

Firstly you have to say it loud 

 “ failure are normal” {line from - the rudest book ever by Shwetabh }

Make it normal , now firstly you have to understand life is going to be painful ( stop  living the fairy world you had in your imagination) come back to reality . life is painful , you are going to have failures, rejection and all of that . Accept it .

Now let's have a look at how we can deal with it ..

 Be fearless to face it, most of us avoid failure because of the pain but the only solution is to face it and work on it . it's going to be 100 times  painful but the person who will get out of that situation  will be moulded beautifully .

Sit with your failure and discuss why it happened  , write it down or  think why it happened [ don’t waste time thinking about why this only happens to me].Use your energy and mind in the right direction . Feel that pain. After analysing see what  you can do to improve the situation .

 I know it's harder to move on but you can’t change the past and thinking about it will only waste your time . Failure affects your mental peace , so you have to be mentally strong , now this is not going to happen in one day , it will take time . Self love is the only solution to maintain that mental peace in failure . Self love comes from practise and understanding yourself and for this you have to get out your phone and focus on yourself.

While finding the solution , keep the lesson in mind what you have learned from this failure so that you can use it to build that success stair for yourself and pass it to your juniors .

Now start seeing failure as the opportunity. Failure is something that forms you the person you are going to be in future . At last for those people who live in their imaginary world , JUST STOP IT ,otherwise it will be heck painful for you . 

Its okay if you fail.

Repeat with with me ,

It's totally okay if you fail .

“Its all about how you see the difficult situation , that what make you a real human being”

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