By- Urvi Shah
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Urvi Shah



A figure portrayed to be strict but a deeply caring person who is just like a magical person who solves all our problems. Yes, you guessed it right it’s Father. It’s truly said-Fathers are the anchor upon which child stands. They are the most important part of one’s life. Fathers’ selfless love remains unrecognized. Though they contribute so much to child’s life their contribution remains un-highlighted. It’s 100% true that mother’s contribute so much to our lives and we must respect their selfless care, sacrifice and love but why not Fathers? Fathers contribute highly in shaping one’s character. Fathers sacrifice their small comforts for us. That’s the reason why we own a latest mobile phone and they have a old phone( considering it to be more important for us and using old ones because they know it’s value and always want best for us) This is just an example but the sacrifices never stop here. They are unending. They sacrifice everything for our pleasures and our happiness. Fathers are the one whom we always portray as strict figures, but it’s just the one side of coin. They are strict with us just for our betterment, there’s hidden love in this strictness; they always care for us and will never want us to suffer any difficulty or any problem in achieving what we want. They want us to develop and become a person with substance. They never share their problems or discomforts with us, just because they want us to focus on our goals and not think of anything else. They don’t like to unload problems but every time keep their pain and sufferings within them. They are not too expressive about their love for us, they seldom express their emotions, they stay strong and fearless and stand as backbone of the family. They try to give best to us, though draining out by working whole day. They wish to fulfill all our desires and therefore work hard to provide all luxuries to us. They always want us to grow but many a times we don’t understand their emotions. They are always a guiding light for us. From scolding us when we are wrong to protecting us from mother’s scolding. They always listen to our unending conversations though tired from a full day of work. They pick us up when we fail along with celebrating with us when we succeed. They are like a coach who has a solution for every problem we encounter. They feel satisfied with what they have but always think to give best to their children. From giving us a reality checks to leading us and making us aware of the real world. Fathers make us aware of ourselves and help us to realize our dreams and goals. From being our guide to showing us light at the end of tunnel. From teaching us to deal with real world along with giving us power to build our own world. From giving us life lessons to helping us learn from our own mistakes. From healing our wounds by few magical words to forgetting their pains. From giving us everything we need to thinking 1000 times before buying anything for them, Fathers shape us. They are a support system, great source of inspiration and a role model along with being guiding force for decision. Many times we forget selfless love of fathers, its true mothers are a really great and we all should respect them and their love but fathers are the ones whose love and sacrifice remains unrecognized. Fathers stay strong and fearless though no matter what turmoil or problems they are going through. They help to develop skills to steer through life. Though however big the problem is they are the one who play the role of a motivator, coach and our guide. Many a times they show us right path for our betterment and always advice for our betterment but we hurt them by not understanding their intentions to develop us, we go against them and hurt them. They are the ones who give us wings to fly, but many people forget selfless love and sacrifice of fathers and leave them when they are old, they don’t take care of them. Many a times people don’t care or respect their Father, A person who spends his entire life for their children’s betterment is found in Old Age Home, isn’t it shameful for the human race. What feeling they must be getting when they are disrespected by their children for whom they spend their entire life moving through hardships and sufferings. I guarantee you no one will be more happier and prouder than your parents if you achieve something no one, they keep faith in us so never ever their break their trust or disrespect them. Make this a value you would like to abide by throughout your life. Thank you to all fathers around the world for their selfless love and sacrifice. Thank you!! 

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