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Reality Check

Is not a matter of shame that women, who are the real wealth of the nation ,who "rock the cradle " and bring up the children in the best possible manner, face all the hardship of life ,don't get the respect in society which they really deserve?

IN villages, girls are welcomed as lakshmi, but in the City people search hospitals for foeticide

One wonders how mothers agree to killed their children in womb.Actually we live in that society where male considerd as god .The male -centric mindset is the main culprit .

Actually today some parents consider girls as liabilitiesand boys as assests . Dowry demands , fears regarding property rights ,insecure environment for women and parents' dependence on the sons during old age are all important factors. Female foeticide is a cruel and illegal act ,which cause imbalance in male and female ratio.

WOMEN:A goodess who has give birth to all of us

But time has changed .We need to change our mindset . Think of the role of woman in life. They have proved to be a better than men in many field . A well educated and well settled daughter needs not dowry .. And she looks after her aged parents better than a son can do ..The problem of female foeticide can be solved not by passing law but by changing our mindset .. We should create social awarness about it and by educating the girl child ,we can better tackle the problem .of course those who resort to female foeticide should be severely punished and even hanged

"Dont kill a girl let her see world"

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