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Female genital mutilation is a process in which parts of external female Genital are cutted. It includes the removal of clitoral hood, clitoral gland, removal of inner labia and closure of vulva and at the end only a small hole is left for the passage of urine and menstural fluid  


It is mostly performed in countries with low development, high population and dominance of a culture toxic for females or in short in society dominated by patriarchs . It is performed in lots of ethnic cultural groups with no set age for performing this ritual it can be done from birth till puberty but mostly it is performed on a child or depending on the ritual of the group who is conducting it and you will be shocked to know that the whole procedure is performed using a small blade, a sharp small blade.  


Before talking about the psychological and biological effect practices like female genital mutilation has on a person let us talk about what motivates people to engage in such a heinous practice.  


And the answer lies in the concept of patriarchy, societies desire to control women and what is a better to control a women than control her sexuality. In societies where female genital mutilation are performed sex is seen as a taboo and something which only men's should enjoy and if women enjoys it she is seen as characterless and ridiculed in the society and the family members of such women's believe they have been ashamed and words spreads in the community, to protect your honor control your daughters sexuality. so the moment a girl is born her family prepares her for genital mutilation mostly it's done as a child so that child doesn't remember anything but in some case it is performed at an older age. the people who perform female genital mutilation are not trained psychists but some normal wet nurses from the village with no medical experience in their hand.

looking at female genital mutilation biologically; in mutilation part of vaginal clitoris is removed and clitoris contains more than 100 nerve ending and helps females experience pleasure doing sex and by removing parts of it, it is ensured women don't enjoy sex and look at it more as a function to please men's thus reinforcing the fact women's only function is to serve men's.

according to a research conducted by UNICEF in 2016 around 200 million women's have gone through female genital mutilation.

now i would like to talk about the effect of female genital mutilation on women's body. there are lots of drawbacks of engaging in this practice such as continuous vaginal infections, difficulty in urinating, fatal bleeding which can sometimes lead to death also, development of cyst in ovary, inability to engage in sexual intercourse fully, complications in getting pregnant and childbirth.

there are no known health benefits of performing genital mutilation.

talking about psychological effect of female genital mutilation; just imagine your vagina getting cut by blade, amount of pain you will go through, confusion over the question you are going through it, if you are old enough to remember it the trauma of that moment coming in front of you again and again takes a toll on mental health of women other than that in some cases husbands don't love their wives because due to female genital mutilation their wives don't experience any pleasure in sexual intercourse which makes these women's undesirable in front of their husbands.

TO SUM UP - female genital mutilation is a deep rooted patriarchal practice and it's main promoters are women's itself and it has huge negative impact on women's mental health and since it's culturally rooted practice it won't be easy to end it but first we need to accept something like this is happening around us and than identify the people who are engaging in it and start a campaign educating people about dangerous effect of female genital mutilation and ensure who engage in it are given strict punishment.


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