By- Sumit Raj Jha
Engineering student

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Sumit Raj Jha


Fitting dreams into reality


In our life we have dream everyday, and we all have one big dream. So by just dreaming will it become reality?

No, we have to work harder on it then only our dream will be in real.

In this article I am going to talk about how we can fit our dreams into reality. (I am not a professional one but in this article I am just giving my opinion.)

How we can convert our dreams into reality?

  • Believe on your dream: To achieve a big dream we need to believe in ourself. It sounds easy, but many people pursue a particular dream and they feel it is too big for them or it is really just unachievable and they give up. The very basic step to achieve your big dream is to believe that it is possible.
  • Take daily actions regarding your dream: Take daily actions to turn your big dream into reality. It doesn't matter how small but, every action you take, it gets you one step closer to your big dream, and every day you take action you build momentum. Just imagine how close can you be with your dream in a year if you did one small thing every single day to move toward your big dream.
  • Set a deadline : Time flies, and if you haven’t set deadline on your goals, the hours, days, weeks and months can easily escape you. Put a deadline on your big dream to keep yourself moving and accountable. The best way to do this is to set a starting date and then work backwards, setting specific deadlines to reach milestones along the way.
  • Dream big and vividly: We all know that everything starts with dreaming big, just imagine that the most amazing incarnation of your dream and dream that particular thing. Make it real by imagining what it would feel like to achieve it. How will you feel when it is achieved? How would you feel every day? It will motivate you and you will work harder for achieving it.
  • Ignore people who demotivates: Whenever we pursue a big dream there will always be negative people who demotivates us and will tell us it can’t be done. They might be our friends and family, but just because we hold them dear to our heart it doesn’t mean they are right. Often when people say something can’t be done it’s only because in their personal experience it hasn’t been possible. Don’t listen to them; we are a unique human being with the great brain, good motivation and ability to achieve our big dream.
  • Share dreams with others: Don’t keep your big dream locked away, share it with others. While there will be some people who aren't interested but there will be also that ones who really are interested and wants to help you, they will keep you motivated and determined to your dreams. So choose right one with whom you want to discuss.
  • Don't expect too much: When we are working toward a big dream its obvious we will have high expectations from it. After all, our vision of the future, with its implicit expectations, is what is guiding us. The thing is though, there are so many twists and turns on the way to achieving a big dream that rigid expectations can really trap us. Drop expectations and we’ll set ourself free to pursue our big dream.

  • Don't give up: Sometimes when we are working hard on our dreams at some point in our mind we have a thought to give up. When you have this thought just remember "I CAN DO IT" . Just keep your momentum going on and don't loose your momentum. At someday you will definitely achieve your dream. When you overcome this thought of giving up you will fit your "DREAM INTO REALITY".

CONCLUSION: I am concluding my article by saying "Never give up on your dreams" . Just keep working hard on your dream and someday you will achieve it.

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