By- Ekjot Kaur
I am an astronaut venturing in the cosmos and my words are my rocket fuel.

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Ekjot Kaur



It is difficult to encapsulate in a piece of paper, her beauty,

She is as beautiful as the moon with blemishes that she owns and scars that she never hid.

She proves every day, that she is a soldier, struggling with a disease she isn’t aware of,

she lives by each day with the same zeal, smiling and making everyone around her smile,

she is the golden flower in my field.

I was terrified of the dream I had, she came to wake me up in the morning and the reality set in. 

I looked at her and I saw her losing her vigour, I realised she wouldn't be with me forever.

It was at that moment I decided that I would keep her alive with my written words because no one in this world can ever compare to what I’ve felt for her.

She’s a patient of Alzheimer’s, her disease has consumed her,

I have seen her mind lose its memories, I have seen her slur words because she couldn’t remember them and then one day she stopped speaking coherently;

I’ve seen her struggling day by day, the woman I always got my strength from, crying because she could speak her thoughts.

So, I write this to you, my dear grandmother, for you’ve been a mother to me.

You are a brilliant work of God, beautiful and strong,

Your smile can be compared to the sun, it gives that much warmth.

If it were up to you, you would be everyone’s mother, that’s how loving and caring you are,

You’re surreal and an inspiration and I never wish to be away from you and I will never be,

For you will be in my heart, today, tomorrow and forevermore.

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