Four Must Watch Youtube Vlogs Adapted from Classic Literature

I absolutely adore classic literature; it is my favourite companion in

my moments of solitude.

But let’s be honest here, not many people in this age of webseries and OTTs have the time or the patience to read likes Shakespeare or Austen or even L.M. Alcott. Youtube vlogs are an innovative format for presenting these time tested stories in a way which appeals to us, the millennial and the gen Z crowd.

If you still need more convincing, the best part about these vlogs is that each episode is roughly 3 to 5 minutes long, so you might watch as many or as few as you want depending upon your free time , mood etc.

The following are some of best vlog adaptations to get you started:

1. “The Lizzy Bennet Diaries” :

The Lizzy Bennet Diaries is a modern day retelling of Jane Austen’s biggest success, the quintessential tale of love, “Pride and

Prejudice”. This adaptation manages to capture completely the essence of the story and cast does an amazing job of bring the characters to life. Lizzy Bennet Diaries brings to life: the robotic Darcy and the “everyone deserves tea” Jane.

This vlog, with its standard Lizzy ranting, and Lizzy-Darcy banter, is just a joy to watch from start to

finish. And does not, in any place, lets you down. The chemistry between the leads is exceptional.


2."Emma Approved" :

The most important thing you need to know about this vlog is the chemistry between the lead couple is out of this world and the other couple is so completely adorable, they could almost trump the lead pair.

The story “Emma” by Jane Austen has long been a favourite of mine and it is given a beautiful, modern turn in this vlog series. Emma Woodhouse, a being the professional matchmaker she is, sets up a lot of pairings which end up in disaster and breaks up one which should not have been broken, through all this she remains blissfully unaware of her own heart.

3. "The March Family Letters" :

This is a sweet adaptation of a sweet story but, with a tragic ending.  The vlog presents a quite accurate representation of the march sisters and just like the book, the vlog Jo also manages to make the audience fall in love with her.

The vlog manages to convey the cozy, happy and calming feel of the book and make the audience feel exactly what the March family is feeling, at any given moment; sympathise with them, feel sad with them and most of all, laugh with them.


4.  "Jules and Monty" : 

Is a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The actors and writers, all university students, somehow pull off keeping a lot of Shakespeare’s original lines verbatim and fit them into this 21st century vlog retelling. 

As a person who was never a fan of Romeo and Juliet, I still enjoyed this vlog due to the soft romantic tone it manages to convey, the chemistry between the actors and most importantly the modifications which made the leads look less crazy than they

did in the actual play, for having gotten married and died for each other in a span of a week or so.

A personal favourite of mine was the character of Juliet’s Roommate and best-friend: Nancy.


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