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“My life is my message,” said Mahatma Gandhi. Life is a precious element given by God to every living thing on this earth. It is the life which decides when our moment begins and finally leads to destiny based on our actions. As William Shakespeare says” All the world is the stage and all men and women are merely players”. It is in our hands how to make life beautiful and admiring to everyone!!!  

Our life is also the combination of light and shades of colours of amazing and challenging situations and experiences. These colours play an important role in our life. The brightest colour of all is friendship. “Friendship is unnecessary like philosophy or art, it has no survival value rather it is one of those things which gives value to survival”

Friendship is the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. It is the one which mends its form into another colour called love. This precious colour in lives which establish bonds and thereafter establish generations. Friends can be anyone whether he or she is a neighbour or school mate or college friends or colleagues. Friends are those who know about you, support and encourage you, create happiness in the moments of sorrow like a light in the shadow of darkness, share with your feelings or experiences and are the ones who can change your life to a certain direction.

 But some friends are favorable while some are unfavorable to you in terms of words and actions. Nowadays we make friends in social media like Face book, Twitter and share our experiences, emotions or events with them. But one has to be careful before including them in our circle as many cybercrimes going on in these platforms. So one has to take care of all the precautions and safety before inviting them into your circle. Problems faced by citizens must be immediately taken to the authority. It is always better to have them none than spoiling your fascinating life.

 But finding the best friend among all these good friends is very difficult. As he or she is the one who stands with you all the time even when millions stand against you. “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conservation or being together, as long as the relationship lives in the heart”.  Friendship does not depend upon how many friends you have it all depends on the number of friends are with you while facing tougher situations. So the art of making friends is the most joyful and appealing moment in our life. Making friends is the most beautiful part of our life.

 “You can make more friends in just two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.”

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