By- Ekjot Kaur
I am an astronaut venturing in the cosmos and my words are my rocket fuel.

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Ekjot Kaur


Good of the individual is contained in the good of all


Let’s take time out of our busy schedules

And look at the problems still prevalent in this sphere.

The city people who are so insensitive,

should adopt the concept of Sarvodaya


I ask this question to myself,

Is the job a laborer any less?

Then he who cures us of disease,

or he who feeds us food to eat?


The benefit of income should be available to all,

rather than being concentrated in hands of the rich and strong,

or those who master deception

and benefit through the art of trickery.


Categorized as untouchables earlier,

now they face economic inequalities,

are they not human beings like us?

We need to be more modest in our policies.


Let us spread the word and make people aware,

that they have a right and a say,

that they, like us, can avail upliftment,

and earn three square meals a day.


We need to be the ones who help,

these people who are deprived of wealth.

We need to be the ones to give up,

the want of luxuries and work towards welfare.


The good of the individual is contained in the good of all,

let us acknowledge the trusting sorrow that these people have,

life in the moving pictures is a dream, unattainable,

but equality and equity are concepts of the real land.

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