By- Rishabh Chaturvedi
True Learner

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Rishabh Chaturvedi


Grandparents Source of Good Teachings

A wise man learns from the others, Yes it's true a man of wisdom learns from the others experience, that how to face critical situations and tackle problems and it's not easy at all, because it requires too much knowledge, but it is said that those who have blessings of their Elders and God, can pass or easily move out of each and every situation.

Thus in our society, the childrens are been told to sit near their elders such as Grandparents, because they play an important role in our lives, so as to learn from their experiences of life and many of us might have done the same things, whenever we sit beside our elders such as Grandparents we not only, learn from them but we also do enjoy with them, not even the childrens but everyone loves to know about the earlier life of their Elders and grandparents, their stories and cute lovely moments and they also teach us about the treaties of the Society for the perfect etiquette or manners, we mostly enjoy these things and learn from them.

I remember, when I was a small child, I used to sit beside my grandfather and grandmother and listen their stories and yarns, and used to learn from them about the treaties of Society that how to make friends, how to solve small problems of life and seriously it has been very peaceful doing so, it's like enlightening or getting enlightened or getting a shower of blessings, I think everyone might have done this and might have enjoyed a lot, I remember they not only used to tell me their stories and yarns, but they also used to teach me and they also told me about several games.

Grandfather and Grandmother are a kind of heroes in our life, they are like descendents of the God, who help in the development of childrens, they not only help in the physical development, but they also play an important role in the mental development, emotional development, and social development of the Childrens, And so we should Respect our Elders especially the Grandparents, because they have much more experience than us, they understand and know everything much better than us and thus, Grandparents are a source of Good Teachings.

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