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Greece: The Land of Love


Located in South-East Europe, Greece is a country loaded with scenic beauty and culture. Conceptions of Science, Politics, History and Democracy are all birthed in this realm. But in the contemporary scenario, Greece is acknowledged and celebrated for its love culture and add a location to declare your love to that one exceptional person. The destination plays a prominent role in anchoring the romance. The climate enhances the love and multiplies the butterflies in your stomach. Henceforth, Greece is the ideal location for couples from all continents.

In the current popular cinema, Greece has attracted many lovers to its lands for that extraordinary experience when people commit and express their love. Millions of people worldwide visit the islands and enjoy the culture with that love that stole their heart. After all, it's not known as the land for lovers for no reason.

The archipelago of Greece offers hundreds, if not thousands of activities and destinations for you and your one true love. The gorgeous landscape, architecture and the view of the beautiful Ionian, Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea all around make you want to stay in the land of love for eternity. Love in the air stands true for Greece.

Hand in hand with your partner, you can enjoy the Greek culture with a vivid experience in 6000 islands and islets. Every island and islet has something unique and mind-blowing to offer.

Santorini, popularly known as the island of love, is a most loved tourist destination for couples, because of its beautiful Mediterranean cuisine and the view Aegean sea. People end their day in the light of setting sun and their lover in their arm after a day full of music and beach venture. Rooftop cafes and exquisite meals, add luxury to your romantic adventure.

World's 88th largest island, Crete, is one of the popular destinations for lovers of the world, attracting couples with the love of history and archaeology. Museum of Chania, Ruins of the Palace of Knossos and Gortyn is the place for history buff couples.

Oia is the poster boy of Greece and in the representation of Greek culture, attracting influential business to Greece. The view of Aegean sea has featured in many movies such and Summer lovers, the sisterhood of travelling pants, Mamma Mia, a landscape in the mist, and many more. This small village is the first picture that pops in your head when you think of Greece. The white-blue houses of the Cyclades etched into the cave finds its way into the Instagram of every couple after they visit Greece and in the opinion, it's worth all the likes. The beautiful alleys on the island perfect place to share the kiss of love.

The beaches and the Mediterranean climate entice couple to choose Greece as their honeymoon destination. The beauty of Greece is incomparable.

Developed around modern society yet holding its cultural value Greece, create the perfect balance between excitement and aw. Greece will never disappoint in giving that adrenaline rush making your love more exciting.

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